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25th Jul 2002, 04:46
I'm sorry if this quesiton has been answered in the past, but the message board only displays like 30 posts, and none of them answered my question. I have read all of the FAQs, and none of them solve my problem. Here's my situation:

When I start FF7, I can hear like one second of the Eidos Logo movie start, but then the screen temporarily scrambles, and it takes me right to the screen where you choose New Game/Continue. After I choose new game, instead of playing the movie where you go from watching the stars to Aeris walking and all that stuff, the screen goes black. I can hear the characters jump off the train, and then the text boxes show up (the rest of the screen is still completely black, however.) after I attempt to run around, it initializes a battle. The battle sequence loads just fine, and it the game seems to run okay (no longer a black screen) after the battle, up until another movie starts. When the game progresses to another movie, it merely skips it and continues from where the movies ends. I am using the following:

Pentium 3 933 mhz processor
Raedon 7200 32 MB Video Card (with latest drivers)
Windows 98
Direct X 8.1 runtime
256 MB RAM
Compaq CD-ROM Drive
Windows Media Player 7.01

Any solutions/suggestions would be very greatly appreciated.

25th Jul 2002, 06:16
you using software render or hardware acc.?

25th Jul 2002, 15:20
I tried using both, as both software and hardware rendering give me the same results. (I'm using the Riva TNT patch, if that makes a difference)

26th Jul 2002, 13:25
I had that problem too with my GF3. You must install the Duck truemotion filter-patch, also called the 'upside-down'movie fix. It's actually meant to fix the problem of movies displayed upside down, but it also helps to fix the black screen. It worked for me, so...

(The patch is available on the Eidos tech support site for FFVII)

5th Aug 2002, 05:29

I run, pretty much, the same config as yours but with a TNT card. Same problem as you described and found the fault was in DX 8.1

DX 8.0a ran with no problem but the runtime errors came from the update to DX. I use the 6.50 drivers which work the best with my card, DX8.0a, and FF7.

you could attach a debugger to the FF7.exe and see what happens....