View Full Version : Little qestion about "Thief's Secret"?

24th Jul 2002, 22:53
Read the info about it and wonder about the "Thiefloader" use ILO "Darkloader"? Won't it work in Darkloader? Thanks and Good Hunting!

25th Jul 2002, 13:00
What is "Thief's Secret"? I checked at Cheap Downloads and I don't see an FM with that title.

25th Jul 2002, 17:49
"A Secret Way"? Thought you'd be able to figure me out Nitie :D Sorry... Ta and Good Hunting! ;)

26th Jul 2002, 01:21
I should have guessed! I betatested this one extensively and it works just fine with Darkloader, Huntress. You'll like it. It's good thiefy fun! :)

26th Jul 2002, 01:27
I just completed ghosting it (and failed due to proximity triggers and couldn't find enough loot). It loaded and ran just fine with Darkloader. I was using the 4.1 version of Darkloader (earlier 4.x versions did have some nasty bugs).

26th Jul 2002, 02:56
I'm surprise you couldn't find enough loot to complete the mission, Vanguard. None of it is all that well hidden, though I don't think I quite found all of it. There are some purses, nuggets, etc. scattered around the streets and in other areas in corners, etc. Maybe you missed some of those?

26th Jul 2002, 21:12
I do have to either transfer it to my other puter that has TG in it or switch over to it when downloading it...so whatever I feel like doing at the time I will be sure to get it added into that missions list of things to play one day. Right now I'm busy again with T2 and Lord Ashton's as I didn't get it originally before "A Night's Stroll" not knowing at the time it was a series. So now I'm on the rooftop and in the attic...hah...thank goodness I saw the Ent in time before going inside...no fire arrows yet??? So debating as to whether I want to shoot a guard I see below me on the deck or go down ladder and catch him from behind? I know there's patrolling guards, etc. as I heard them through the wall when climbing ladder...??? I also thought about going through other door to the right of pool area and haven't done anything with the guard w/shield(?) down there..yeeaahhh...but when on rooftop, took a stroll around on top to see what was over inside there...and while walking around on the ledge...saw the archway and just caught a glimse of some guards over the other side..before I tried to walk that roof over there and slid off to my death :D darn! Maybe I could have done it better with using my other movement keys but wasn't worth it to try again so just went the other way into attic/ledge to see that guard below. Sure wish I could use those dynamite barrels for Ent but again no way to set them off :( Well guess I'll just have to wait and see what I find along the way... :D I did luck out for the keys to swim pool and attic...searching around found them before I ever knew I needed to find them via the bulletins laying around about losing/finding them LOL so no retracting my way back. Only thing that bugged me was in this one...I shot a fish and couldn't retrieve it for food as in later games...darn! LOL Did get loot though and of course got the goods inside the hot-houses :)

Ta and Good Hunting!