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24th Jul 2002, 21:59
1) If you don't knwo the rules of ghosting, don't answer anything in this message. 2) I know you cannot use loot lists when you ghost/perfect thieve, but can you recieve help for loot (like where to find some of it?)? If not, don't answer the next question. 3) I'm missing around 100-200 loot in Lord Lomat's Flute. Where could it be?
I'm also missing 100 or so in Stiff Competition, I have everything in cupboards, closets, shelves, ect. Whatever I'm missing must be hid pretty well.

24th Jul 2002, 22:45
In Stiff Competition, there's a plate in the kitchen that doesn't look valuable, but it is (sneaky! :D). I don't remember any of the rest of it being hard to find.

I can't help with Lord Lomat's Flute. I never found all the loot, only 727. :(

25th Jul 2002, 16:12
Nightwalker, since you've ghosted, I'll assume I can use that. I've gotten 727 also! I did think I heard once that the rest of the loot is a bag or something that's on the other side of the moat, where it's too high to get up too. But that could just be my imagination running wild.
PS I just noticed that my first post says 100 and not 10. I'm missing 10 in Stiff Competition. Is it a ring or something?

26th Jul 2002, 02:16
Has anyone else played these?