View Full Version : I need help on TRLR Help please!

24th Jul 2002, 17:45
Please anyone help i am on TRLR I am in (citadel) i am in a closed room with an underground pathway i have just rescued my friend the one who helps her throughout the game, I burned a rope then a hole appeared in the ground next to the first water fountain so i went in it well i go to the bottem then i went to the top switched on the lever and that stopped the flames so i then went through the hole and fell down i went down the stairs and there was another room with statues kinda like the planets i had to move earlier in the game, anyhow they all have letters on them N for North, S for south, E for East, and W for west right well i put them where they go according to my compus but nothing happened what should i do?:eek:

24th Jul 2002, 19:07
Are you sure you read the compass right (the red arrow points the way). Anyway here's a screenshot from Theresa's (http://web.archive.org/web/20010522122424/http://www.tombraiders.com/):


If you place all the objects, the doors should open... :)

I also read a bug alert here. You should place the objects in this order: N, E, W, S. Haven't had any trouble with it myself though!

And then you have some serious puzzling to do.

Be afraid! Be very afraid! :D