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24th Jul 2002, 15:28
At last......

My first usermade mission. It can be found here http://w1.315.telia.com/~u31514223/Startopia/

Lat Sate has hire you to set up a Resort for his Gem Slug friends. Your mission is to get as many Gem Slug on your station as possible, or is it?

A small teaser....
There are many endings, of witch two leading to two new different missions.

24th Jul 2002, 23:54
Sounds like some good fun, I'm about to try it right now.

25th Jul 2002, 03:37
:confused: Do you have to download the other ones too?

25th Jul 2002, 11:59
Originally posted by Master_Ryan
:confused: Do you have to download the other ones too?

Unfortunately is the other two just on script stadium. Because of my low experience on playing StarTopia I don't know how good my first mission is. Will people like to play it? I feel that it is hard work to do a mission and if nobody wants it, I'm afraid I will lose my feelings for StarTopia.

Does anybody like the mission and if, which of the two mission do you want me to first complete.

25th Jul 2002, 21:13
Bah, I dislike the mission. Too easy to please the darn slugs. TOO MUCH TURDITE!!! I have about 80 already and don't have a recycler to put them in yet!! HELP!! DROWNING IN SLUG POO!!! Plus there are utterly too many slugs. Getting to 50 slugs is going to be hard. (Yes, I still haven't gotten them all without going poo crazy yet.)

25th Jul 2002, 22:55
Originally posted by SkrasherSmasher
I have about 80 already and don't have a recycler to put them in yet!!

Yeeeesssss. It is the whole point (Evil smile). I thought it was a nice feature. Shine twinkling poo all over the place. He He He.

But seriously. I would like to get any suggestion for improvement. It will help me for the next mission, and tweaking this one.

(Hmmm.. Maybe I shall lower the poo rate... Naa)

26th Jul 2002, 01:49
When ye have a finished version, slip it under the door of the Post... Bring pizza...