View Full Version : help! - The last revelation, sacred lakes

24th Jul 2002, 15:05
Can anyone please help me!
Im stuck on Tomb Raider The Last Revelation, Sacred Lakes level.
Can anyone give me some clues on how to progress to the next level as im completely stuck!!!
So far Ive killed the alligators, opened the gate in the water, pulled the lever to open the tunnel in the water and been down it to a room with a mirror? do i do anything in there??
also been in another room where u have to climb poles to the top and pulled the lever in there too.


24th Jul 2002, 15:25
In the room with the mirror, try looking in it to find a hole you cannot see otherwise.Then just go back to where the alligator's were.You should see what where you need to go then.Good Luck and welcome to the forum