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24th Jul 2002, 14:03
Can anyone please help me!
Im stuck on Tomb Raider The Last Revelation, Sacred Lakes level.
Can anyone give me some clues on how to progress to the next level as im completely stuck!!!
ASAP Please

24th Jul 2002, 14:25
You're in the wrong forum. Try this link (http://forums.eidosgames.com/forumdisplay.php?s=&daysprune=10&forumid=36).

As for your question: be more specific. We can't help you if you just say you're stuck. What did you find, where did you go,....

24th Jul 2002, 14:34
Ive killed the alligators, opened the gate in the water, pulled the lever to open the tunnel in the water and been down it to a room with a mirror? do i do anything in there??
also been in another room where u have to climb poles to the top and pulled the lever in there too.
help :(

24th Jul 2002, 16:54
Moved to Tombraider Legacy:

24th Jul 2002, 17:57
There is a fake square in the ceiling, in the underwater mirror room. You can climb to the surface through this square(but you have to find it - could be difficult).

newbie gamer
25th Jul 2002, 22:46
go to stellas tr website and all will become clear (go to your search engine and type in tombraider help you'll get the help you need) this works for all of the tr series :)

26th Jul 2002, 01:11
Originally posted by newbie gamer
go to stellas tr website and all will become clear

OR, if you don't really want a complete walkthru, stay here and ask all these experiencedTomb Raiders any questions you have and I am sure you will get the help you need! After all, isn't that why this forum is here???

MinniMee Von Croy
27th Jul 2002, 16:51
UNDERWATER PASSAGEWAY AND MIRROR ROOM: Swim down through the trapdoor. When you come to the square door, position Lara in front of the gray square at the center and press Action to make her open the door. Go back for air. (NOTE: The next area requires some skillful swimming, so you might want to save your game here just in case. It's easy to get disoriented and drown the first time or three.)

Swim down through the trapdoor again, then through the open door. Continue along the passage as it turns left, swim through a narrow gap, continue forward, then turn right. Swim through a section of the passage with very uneven walls. Then swim up and left as the passage slopes up. (Up to this point you're just following the passage the only way you can, but there are a lot of short dead ends and places where the jutting rocks impede your progress.) Now you're faced with a choice of swimming forward and straight up to the MIRROR ROOM, or right and up to a small room where you can surface. Choose the right path. Breathe deeply and pick up the large med-pack on the bottom. Swim down and forward through the passage. When you reach the first corner, swim up and to the right to the MIRROR ROOM.

There's an opening in the ceiling on the left side (when facing the mirror), but it is cleverly camouflaged. (Oh, those crafty Egyptian architects!) However, the mirror image of the room clearly reveals the opening. Get your bearings from the mirror, then roll and swim up to the ceiling to the opening.

Climb out of the water onto the ledge and follow the passage to a room with a SECOND CANOPIC JAR on a pedestal. Grab the 2 sets of Uzi clips on the floor, along with the jar.

Cut scene: We see a gate open down in the room in the middle of the SACRED LAKE.

Follow the hall back to the MIRROR ROOM. Then swim along the underwater passageway, first down and to the right, then following the passageway's twists and turns, all the way back to the LAKE.

Swim down through the other opening in the bottom of the pool, through the gate you just opened. The current will carry Lara along to the next level.