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24th Jul 2002, 02:46
Getting used to XP. Can anyone answer some questions about what to keep on the start up. Lots of stuff checked off. Is there anything, that should or should not be checked off,
The only one I see that I recognize is Rundll.32
Even though this thing can handle it all, I hate to have a lot of crap on my start up.

24th Jul 2002, 14:29
I don't use XP, so I can only speak of generalities. Try to determine what tasks are required by your antivus software (e.g., NAV for Norton) and the system (don't know what they are). Uncheck all the others. If something doesn't work, I think you can always boot up in safe mode and check it back on. You might try the safe mode bootup before making any changes. If that works, then you can proceed to uncheck things with impunity and then get them back if your decisions turn out to be wrong.

Thorin Oakenshield
24th Jul 2002, 18:16
BA: Check this place out (http://www.overclockersclub.com/windowsxpservices.shtml)

24th Jul 2002, 18:17

do not change anything in "Services", but you should be ok changing the things in "Startup".

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24th Jul 2002, 19:18
:p Oh come now, I have to blame someone here. :rolleyes:
Thanks for the info guys. :)

Munin the Raven
28th Jul 2002, 04:00
That's an excellent guide Thorin (isn't that site great?:D). I've had no trouble running machines after editing the services using that guide, but be sure to be careful what you change in there (pay particular attention to what type of connection uses each service if you use your machine for mltiple connection types).

I highly recommend editing the services if you're on a broadband connection and/or concerned about security, or if you're just trying to squeeze out that extra drop of performance.