View Full Version : Silent Cathedral

24th Jul 2002, 01:07
Could someone help me? I'm experiencing a bug problem in the silent cathedral. I can't get past the lizard wall. I can't get past the broken window.

24th Jul 2002, 01:38
You're gonna have to be more specific about where you are exactly and what the bug is, screenshots are always a bonus :)

24th Jul 2002, 02:30
I remember about four windows that need to be broken in the silent cathedral in sr1. One leads to a health enhancer (diamond), the other to an eldrich cube and another is at the top of a scaleable wall that leads to the sound glyph. But those are pretty much insignificant to finishing the game. The fourth window is broken when you ring two bells. You have to ring one bell then quickly run to the other and if they sound at the same time a window will brake. This window has depictions of bells on it and is just past a lever that you have to operate to slide open a block door. As far as the lizard goes, I don't seem to remember any lizards in the silent cathedral.