View Full Version : Thief Gold won't install....

23rd Jul 2002, 21:53
Got the new system in, updated a bunch of updates with the Windows Updates, all the critical ones, you recommended GM. Thief 2 installed just dandy. Yes, have XP. Now trying to install Thief gold. Get an error message.

Cannot be installed on windows NT (???) due to a Microsoft DirectX (tm) limitation.

Windows NT??? OK, what do I do now?
Thanks in advance.

Grey Mouser
23rd Jul 2002, 22:58
Cancel the Autoplay menu...then, with TG disc #1 in the drive you want to install it from...

go to Start>Run>type " D:\setup.exe -lgntforce"...with no quotes, and subbing in E:\ if your CD-drive is the E:\drive, or F:\ if the CD-drive is your F:\drive...

don't forget the space right after setup.exe

don't forget the dash before lgntforce...

Works for me no problem.

23rd Jul 2002, 23:06
Yup, it worked like a charm GM. Did what you suggested, Thorin came on ICQ I asked him also. It installed just fine. Both Thief games are installed. :) Ran a bit through Baffords. Ahhh, felt good.
Now for darkloader, busy taffer getting things running again.
Appreciate the help guys.
Hopefully I won't have to ask anything else. :rolleyes:

26th Jul 2002, 19:09
You could have also done this on XP, because I had the same problem, you go to Start>Run. And then, go to browse, go to the drive with Thief Gold Disc #1, and then find setup.exe. Then right-click on it, and the with the left button click on properties. Then click on the compatibility tab, then click "Run this program in compatibility mode" or something similar, and then on the list, click on Windows 98/ME. Then click OK, and the click on Setup and run Setup.