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23rd Jul 2002, 21:15
Question 1: In Resident Evil Survivor, can you use a GunCon? If so does is it like House of the Dead or very similar to that?

Question 2: I have Resident Evil Directors Cut. I remember a long time ago when I saw Resident Evil(not the directors cut version) it was different than the directors cut version. I mean different as in better. Well what were the differences and do you know were I can find Resident Evil(again, no the directers cut version).

Question 3: The only next generation game consle I have is Playstation 2. Do you think I should get a gamecube just for the Resident Evil remake? I could get other games for it besides that like Mario Sunshine. But thats about all the games I like on gamecube. Do you still think its worth it? Oh, and I could also play the upcoming Resident Evil Zero and Resident Evil 4.

Question 4: Do you know were I can find Resident Evil Uncut? Not the japanese version, but a english version? I thought I saw it on PC.

Well thats all. :D

25th Jul 2002, 03:09
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25th Jul 2002, 07:46
I had Resident Evil on PC here in the UK, but it said nothing about being un-cut....and it didn't work at all.
I took it back.

The Sage Of Time
25th Jul 2002, 10:09
#1: I believe the answer is yes, although the game from what i've heard is just plain awful..
#2: There are no differences between the original and the DC version, except the DC version has added stuff.
And as long as you select a normal mode of play it's just like the original game...
Then again, their were rumors about some music changes but i'm not totally sure about the truth in that.
#3: GCN is really worth it, ever heard of Eternal Darkness? That's a great Horror game on the GC.. Really neat.
Also a LOT of great games are coming out for the GCN not to mention some already great ones out..
#4: Afraid not, although all the PC versions of RE were pretty neat so I hear..

25th Jul 2002, 12:49
I went to one of my favorite websites called "The Horror Is Alive". I went to the Resident evil section and you can download all the music from resident evil. I downloaded all the music from the first resident evil and it is very different from Resident Evil Directors Cut. The Directors Cut Version sucks big time. The directors cut music version of the snake fight sucked. I sounded so cheesy, but the one from the original resident evil sounds more like something from a good horror movie. And also the music when the dogs jump out the window is different in the original and the ceiling trap music is better and not cheesy like in directors cut. One of the reasons I stoped playing Resident Evil Directors Cut is because of the music. One of the things that make a game scarier is the music. I also don't think Resident Evil should not have been uncut, it makes everything stupid. Directors Cut was sopost to be the Uncut version. If you look at games today, they do not uncut most of them. I was thinking of getting the original Resident Evil for PSX, but then they have the better version on the remake. It looks really scary too. So I thought I would buy a gamecube just for the Resident Evil Remake and also the fact that the Resident Evil series is exclusive on the gamecube meaning I will get to play Resident Evil Zero and Resident Evil 4. But I had to see what other games the gamecube offered before I buy one. Their are not alot of game I am interested in since most of them are kiddy. But I was interested in Super Mario Sunshine. I loved Mario 64. I am interested in the upcoming sonic games. They are making Sonic Adventure 3 and Sonic Mega Collection which has all the old sonic games. Enternal Darkness looks good too. But thats about it. Do you think its worth it? And the big question is does the Resident Evil remake feature the music from the original music or is it different?

The Sage Of Time
27th Jul 2002, 00:26
The Remake is more than just a remake, they added new areas, enemies, and several other goodies..
The graphics are as you probably know, amazing.. And the music is remixed slightly and of course redone to fit quailty.
There are a lot more games coming out, check TRE Forums (in my sig) and check the GC forums there.
We have (thanks to our mod) a GCN game review post and a upcoming releases post.