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Keeper Collins
23rd Jul 2002, 17:45
Just to let you know I'm playing the thief gold version of Garrett's
Revenge.In the hunters home that you have to get to by rope arrow(well,I thought he was a hunter until I read his diary) I can't open his safe.I can't even move the picture out of the way to get to the safe.How do I move the picture and unlock his safe?Also,there are two shops I can't seem to open.They are the shops with the meatal doors.One of them is a Fruits/Vegatalbles Shop and the other is a Drariy shop.They are both facing eachother.How do I break in to them?One more thing,I know I can't get in to the Hammer Bank on Normal so I'm not even going to try.But what about the rooms above the bank ya know in that dark area with the white torches?I got in to the rooms on the side but can't get in the middle room with the two meatl doors.What should I do?

23rd Jul 2002, 18:03
You need another key to get into the Hunter's Safe. I'm not sure what the house is called on the map in Garrett's Revenge. It's Smythe's house in Errand Boy. You get into that one from the second floor window as well, then downstairs, there's a big fireplace with a man and a sofa in front of it. You need to go into the fireplace, rope arrow up to the ladder, climb the ladder to a safe. This safe opens with the Keymaster's key, I believe.

I'm not sure which room you mean with the "two metal doors" in the Bank, I'm afraid.

I've never been able to get into those two other shops, either. :)

10th Mar 2003, 14:11
Great tips Nightwalker. I didn't think to climb up that fireplace. I had climbed up the beams overhead and found a round brick shoot but was unable to get a rope arrow that was long enough for me to climb up. Any more hints would be appreciated.

I am now playing Garrett's Revenge on expert and have not been able to get into those metal doors that face each other either. I did find an entrance into the bank on normal though no loot was there. In the room with the dark pit that has stairs going down one side then up the other side and doors on either end, there is a wooden beam that you can walk across. Use a fire arrow on the torch to light up the pit then go across the wooden beam and in the center, look up. There is a hole that you can shoot a rope arrow and climb up. I ended up peering through a hole above the locked bank doors but I could not get out. Not sure if one can gain entrarnce through that hole above the bank doors but in one of the letters, they were complaining of someone who kept getting into the bank. So my guess was through that hole. Haven't tried it though.

I have been using fire arrows to open up the wooden doors that I could not open. Many of them lead nowhere. I find that this was frustrating plus having to find so many keys to get anywhere. I never did finish all the objectives in Normal because I found myself just running around. I restarted on Expert and hope to be able to finish. It is a difficult FM.

10th Mar 2003, 19:19
The hole above the beam in the Bank leads to the hole where the clock is supposed to be. It's an alternate way into the Bank. You can rope arrow up into the hole from the front courtyard and then let yourself down inside.

This is a VERY difficult and frustrating FM. If you have T2, littleK, I'd suggest dumping Garrett's Revenge and loading up Errand Boy. You'll recognize it, because it's basically the same FM, but much, much improved. You get a lot more clues, the lighting is hugely improved and you can get into a lot more of the buildings. It's one of my all time favourites and great fun to play, as opposed to Garrett's Revenge, which is not one I would replay. Belboz did a terrific job when he revamped it into Errand Boy.

11th Mar 2003, 19:09
Thanks NW. During my search, I kinda figured there was a connection between the 2 fm's. It is still a great FM though challenging.

One problem I am having is that I cannot complete the keepers mission. My guess is the hammer that I was supposed to whack was the author of the journal that bragged about roughing up Cutty.

I have only room enough on this laptop to install 1 game at a time and so TGold is on it now. I just started playing FM's and decided to try out Komag's favorites. When though with those, I'll uninstall Tgold and put on T2. Then I'll try Errand Boy.

11th Mar 2003, 20:04
That part I can help you with. You need to kill the guy behind the bar in the Inn. I've never found enough loot to finish this mission on Expert, but I managed to complete the other objectives.

12th Mar 2003, 15:20
Originally posted by Nightwalker
That part I can help you with. You need to kill the guy behind the bar in the Inn.

Geez. Where was the hint to take him out? I was ingnored by everyone in the Inn and so I just took the loot in the storeroom that the bartender kept walking in and out of and left them all alone. But I'll go back and pay them a visit....

Many Thanks. :)

12th Mar 2003, 18:30
It's been too long since I've played it so I can't remember where the hint was. There was one somewhere though. It's a tough mission, without a doubt.