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18th Nov 2012, 11:30
I was reading through yesterday's "The Sun", for those of you not from england, it's a newspaper. Recently there was a murder, a young boy killed his girlfriend because his friends dared him to do so, terrible business but it's not what I am presenting here. On the one page there was an artivle on this subject in which they found a series of drawings given to the Girlfriend by the Boyfriend and my jaw literally dropped in surprise when I saw that these drawings were in fact three of the Aeons from Final Fantasy 10, specifically Anima, Bahamut and Valefor. Now you may e thinking what I thought when I saw the pictures "Oh well it doesn't mean anything they're just drawings." But that is clearley not what "The Sun" decided! OH NO! those drawings to them are clear representations of this childs troubled psyche which would make sense if that was true. It may look like I'm just overreacting here but I'll quote exactly what the psychologist (that's right they hired one to explain the pictures) thinks of them.

In reference to Anima or to quote the one who wrote the article "THE REFLECTION!" (The caps are how it was written.
"This disturbs me the most. It's like a himan is being consumed bu a demon. There's a sense the monster is the more desirable, something Davies would like to be. He wants to be all-powerfu and capable of destruction."
And a quote regarding both Valefor and Bahamut.
"These are two demons. (note the absolute certainty with which she says that. Clearly no research was done before hand.)"You know that if you met one, you'd e ripped to bits. But there's the odd human-like feature -such as an eye- which suggests they could be self-portraits of how Davies feels internally"
Other quotes from the psychiatrist and the reporter include: "Psychopathic art" in reference to the drawings and "There's somethign very creative about his art."(The word "his" yet again showing that no research was done into the origins of the art)

Now my problem with this is not that The Sun has decided to use some summonable creeatures from a game I like as evidence that of psychopathy (The boy's mental stability is clearly fractured beyond repair.). No! my rpoblem is that they have done no research into the origins or inspiration of these drawings and as a result may have made things inadvertently difficult for other talented artists who enioy drawing FF10 Aeons. There could well be a young child, who has seen their elder brother playing this game in order to relive their childhood. They have seen the Aeons and decided "Wow that's cool! Ima draw that" and then once they have drawn it they show their mother. The mother has more likely then not read The Sun (it's the most popular paper in England I think) and seen that a murderer has drawn these same pictures. Do you think the mother is going to say "Wow Timmy well done! go and show Daddy" or do you think she will decide her son has a similar fractured psyche to the boy she read about in the paper? I know that it seems Kind of far-fetched but when it comes to mothers and their children and just people being uninformed/ wanting to complain about something the leaps in logic do happen. Now assume that she says "Where did you see these drawings Timmy?" little timmy replies "On Big Bros game!" it might just be pessimism on my part but I think there are quite a few irrational people who would then make the leap from 1 to 7 and decide to blame "Square-Enix".

I know I'm likely being melo-dramatic, but don't you think "The Sun" should have done it's research before possibly slandering characters from a much loved game. In all honesty it wouldn't surprise me if they knew but just ignored the truth for a better story, wouldn't be the first time a British newspaper has straight up lied when it comes to games. Could someone with a rational nature please use logic and reason to banish the doubts from me and make me see this is just a misunderstanding and that the paper meant no harm? I want to believe that intelligent journalism isn't dead...

18th Nov 2012, 12:37
Oh my...things like this happen far too often. Thank you for bringing this particular story/incident to my attention. (Personally, I am very selective with the papers I read, so I seldom even look at the "mainstream" ones).

19th Nov 2012, 05:29
facepalms at how stupid the psychiatrist is clearly you can tell bahamuts a dragon not a demon so this psychiatrist is just plain stupid or trying to make square-enix look like a bad influence its people that are like him make me question do psychiatrists and doctors even know what the hell there talking about anymore

19th Nov 2012, 06:12
You must understand, the names of the summons used in FFX are not only our beloved characters but if you researched the names themselves (especially Valefor and Bahamut) you would find that the first is a named demon from the lesser key of solomon (ie as in demonology) and the latter is a reference to Arabian myth. The third, Anima, is a reference to an term used in psychology itself. So it can easily be construed differently if you aren't necessarily looking for gaming references. This is unfortunate because when blame is placed, gaming makes an easy scapegoat. When people dig into the intent of heinous acts, they have a tendency to see only what they want to see in order to explain someone's motivation which is, in and of itself, unknowable.

Just sayin...

19th Nov 2012, 20:14
Sometimes people are just dangerous no matter what they see and/or hear in life. Even if their parents did the best they could. It's sad and scary at the same time. A harsh reality.

25th Nov 2012, 12:33
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25th Nov 2012, 13:21
Just goes to show how easily a person can misconstrue another, esp when they dont take the time to really understand a situation. Not that I condone the kids actions if he were the culprit, but these are the "experts" we rely on to paint the picture of reality... not half-baked nonsense. I've always liked Anima's artwork, and last time I checked, I'm not a psycho...

25th Nov 2012, 14:27
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25th Nov 2012, 14:28
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25th Nov 2012, 14:44
As terrible as this is, I do find this to be a little funny, not in the ha ha sense though, I guess it just goes to showeverything is opinion...

15th Dec 2012, 14:31
So according to this Psychologist, we should be very affraid of anyone who's ever drawn artwork for Final Fantasy....... Yo****aka Amano is to be particularly feared as is Tetsuya Nomura......

16th Dec 2012, 03:32

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