View Full Version : What kind of Music do you listen to? (multiple choice)

Kurtis Trent
23rd Jul 2002, 14:55
I listen to pop music all the time!!!!!!! others?

23rd Jul 2002, 15:28
You missed out "Rock"....possibly the most encompassing (from Led Zep to Sex Pistols to Nine INch Nails and beyond), and certainly (IMHO) the best category.

23rd Jul 2002, 21:36
Heavy Metal Man!!!:D

24th Jul 2002, 00:19
This is so much easier than yrying to list favorite bands or songs. Thanks!
I voted "other" because swamp rock was not a catagory.

24th Jul 2002, 13:54
How can someone miss out rock? lol. I'm quite sad... I like everything from Pink's Don't Let Me Get Me to Marilyn Manson's Tainted love...

24th Jul 2002, 23:38
Originally posted by LeeO
How can someone miss out rock?

Pop fans - oblivious.

25th Jul 2002, 02:13
ROCK mostly, a little pop, r&b, a tiny bit of country, a little classic, i don't consider rap in a music catagory, if there was a catagory for people that can't sing and just talk and yell out a string of words that don't mean a thing most of the time, i would still not vote for it. :D

26th Jul 2002, 00:44
Heavy Metal is...

for people that can't sing and just yell out a string of words that don't mean a thing most of the time
:D :D

*Lara Croft*
26th Jul 2002, 01:29
I'll listen to anything, as long as I like the song. Right now, It's Ms. Jade, Beyonce, and Kelly Osbourne's song(s) Im listening to the most.

26th Jul 2002, 01:38
RnB - Nelly, Ja rule, Ashanti, Usher
Rap - Nelly, Fat Joe, P. Diddy, Em

26th Jul 2002, 06:48
I was expecting rick to be there. No wonder other is the highest...

Joanne Croft
26th Jul 2002, 10:01
I cant see the option "Rock" nowhere !!! Anyway, you maybe missed it. As you understand I liste to Rock...

Lil Lara
26th Jul 2002, 22:48
Hey! You left out ska! HEh.. that's ok.. any other skankers out there??

I listen to ska,reggae,alternative, and rock most of the time.

27th Jul 2002, 02:49
I listen to all kinds of music except country.

27th Jul 2002, 04:34
Rock - all the way - many types from the older heavy metal, to grunge, to alternative, etc.

I also listen to some pop when I am in a more mellow mood.

cowboy from hell
27th Jul 2002, 23:29
Jazz, swag country, metal, alot of instrumental music, hardcore.

28th Jul 2002, 00:19
I mostly listen to techno-rock

Here's a clip from one of my favorite songs and my favorite groups. The song is number 4 on the list "The Best Thing (Euro Stack Mix)"


Here's a link to the groups site.


28th Jul 2002, 00:28
all of the above

Lil Lara
28th Jul 2002, 02:03
Originally posted by DEEKMAN
I voted "other" because swamp rock was not a catagory.

:confused: What's "swamp" rock? Sounds interesting.:D

28th Jul 2002, 17:24
I can't vote...You don't have "everything". I work for 8 radio staions in my city, that cover everything from rap to gospel, pop to soft rock, etc.

THE True Lara
29th Jul 2002, 17:55
I'm in the same camp as RaiderGrl (though I clicked on 'Other' anyway.) I listen to too many different genres, from punk, rock, pop, electrica to jazz, easy-listening, classical, and those tapes that are just recordings of outdoor sounds! :) -And 'E.S. Posthumus', which doesn't seem to fit into any category.-
I find I like a lot of film scores and soundtracks, I love music that really tells a story in it's very fibre, and that epic feel, as though you're really experiencing the music itself not mearly listening to it.
Know what I mean?

29th Jul 2002, 23:41

30th Jul 2002, 16:27
Acid jazz and oldies are my favorites but i listen to anything that's worth a listen.

30th Jul 2002, 17:48
Am I the only one that enjoys zydeco?

How can that be?
What's wrong with you people!

THE True Lara
30th Jul 2002, 19:57
I've got to admit I've never heard of zydeco.
Pray tell what is it?

30th Jul 2002, 22:58
WooHoo!!!! I t looks like us rock fans are pushing the 'Other' category to the limit!!! I love all kinds of rock music from Ozzy Osbourne to Shania Twain, Texas to Bon Jovi, any kind of rock is my preference!!!!

31st Jul 2002, 16:06
Greek music...!!! Has anyone listen Greek music? Only then can understand what I'm talking about... :D :p

THE True Lara
1st Aug 2002, 09:11
I think the closest I've got to liking greek music is the Zither music from The Third Man. Not very close is it.......

4th Aug 2002, 13:02
Elen, I like Greek music. Angela Dimitrou is good, and I knew another artist, which I cannot recall his name at the moment. But, I like Greek music, is good. I wish I could dance Greek. Break plates and all! *grins*

I have a Greek friend who sends me some Greek songs from time to time. Good music, yes.

And guys, Arabic music is awesome. Get a chance to download some.

In other words, I like all types of music. Though, I don't love death metal, there might be a song or two I like, but preferrably not that much of death metal.

4th Aug 2002, 14:17
Hi babycroft...
Angela Dimitrou has inspired from your music. Some of her songs has your rhythm... And some others has the same music with yours with Greek rhymes... ;)

4th Aug 2002, 19:10
She did a duet with a famous Egyptian singer, Amr Diab. Good song. Called "Ana Bahebak Aktar" you can probably find it on Kazaa or something.

5th Aug 2002, 00:20
I listen to everythin except for country. But my favorite kind of music is spanish reggae i love to dance to it.I like everythin that is worth listetin.:D :p

purple rain
5th Aug 2002, 13:20
the majority of my cd collection can be lumped into to "alternative" category
so, naturally i chose other.

Les Effant Terrible
6th Aug 2002, 07:53
yeah, would it hurt to ad rock, techno, jazz or electronica? I mean I am a very open person to music from Mozart to Hybrid to Slayer, but none of the things you listed, I like.

...And as the Chili Peppers so elequantly put it,
Kissin-anamucha-oocha What it means, I have no idea, but they say it in their newest hit.

7th Aug 2002, 23:24
Originally posted by DaveJ
You missed out "Rock"....possibly the most encompassing (from Led Zep to Sex Pistols to Nine INch Nails and beyond), and certainly (IMHO) the best category.

Although I HATE The Sex Pistols (you don't spit on your audience ... no matter how bad your music is!), I totally agree with you in that the rock-genre is by far the greatest.

I'd prefer a mix of rock and pop. I'd go from Metallica, Guns 'n roses and AC/DC through Alannah Myles, Shania Twain, Faith Hill and Bryan Adams to the more softer kinda poprock such as Bon Jovi, Roxette, Queen and yes even Dire Straits. I guess in the end I like a good guitar; preferably the kind that makes you shiver. But that's me, huh?! http://www.gamers-forums.com/smilies/cwm/3dlil/cool.gif

14th Aug 2002, 20:26
ROCK mostly, a little pop, r&b, a tiny bit of country, a little classic, i don't consider rap in a music catagory
What AMO said! Most everything, depending on my mood. Jazz and classical tend toward the bottom of the list, but sometimes that's what I'm in the mood for. A couple days ago I actually heard someone playing a rap song I kind of liked, but it had more of a rock background than most.

the last frustration
19th Aug 2002, 12:15
Rock... metal... industrial... techno... classical... everything that isn't on the list, really. :rolleyes:

19th Aug 2002, 23:23
I used to be the biggest anti-country person. In fact I detested country and especially Dolly Parton. Now, since I've moved to the country and I can only get country stations on the radio, I actually like country. However, I think much of current country is really rock. I always considered myself an alternative rock fan until alternative became mainstream. Then it doesn't seem so "alternative."