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23rd Jul 2002, 07:48
I was in San Fransisco a couple weeks ago, and I met the artist who designed everybody's favorite soul devouring messiah. :D

G'head, check the SR1 credits. :cool:

His name is Arnold Ayala, and he currently works at Shaba Games (http://www.shaba.com/). My brother also works at Shaba (his name is Justin Kaufman), and so i got to meet Arnold.

Lozza Mate
23rd Jul 2002, 09:13
ban plz

23rd Jul 2002, 09:45
Yeeeeeeees, I believe this is the sort of poll that got polls shut down in the first place... It is neat to hear about your meeting Raziel's designer, to be sure. But don't make a spam poll out of it,especially after they just gave us polls BACK...

23rd Jul 2002, 13:20
Originally posted by EvanK
His name is Arnold Ayala...

Did you forget to tell us something Willow? ;) :)

23rd Jul 2002, 17:18
Evan, this is spam. this is what got polls disabled. this is also completely useless info.

please, think before you type. shouldn`t be too hard...

Willow, is he related to you?

24th Jul 2002, 04:17
Eeep. Sorry, didnt know that was considered spam... I'm still new here, i apologize profusely. :o

Won't do it again, i promise. Sorry.

24th Jul 2002, 04:34
It's okay. Everyone just got their polls back, so they are a little touchy about how people use em.

25th Jul 2002, 02:48
I'm not tellin :p

Seriously, there is no relation (at least of my knowledge)... but it is a sign for my future... maybe I'll one day design a cool character for a new LoK story arc. :) I am an illustration major after all .