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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Well, not really.

A short time ago in a space-station three thousand light-years away.

There is a small station, out there, in the farthest reaches of the galaxy of StarTopia. It is called Space Station Wetion-Setion VII, orbiting the planet of Wetion-Setion Zetala. It is a popular forum and meeting place for residents of a sparsly populated planet of Wetion-Setion Alphala, and is also a popular resort station as well. Our story begins with a small cargo ship called The Heart of Silver, with a crew of three. Two Salt Hogs and a Grey are on board. The Grey is back in the cargo hold, filled with old rusty and mini-shrunken crates, sleeping in a brown hammock. Whilst the Salt Hogs are at the cockpit. The ship shines brightly in the light of the fairly new star, and heds towards the station. Of which, is shimmering a beautiful red coat in the sunlight.

"Space Station Wetion-Setion Seven, this is the Heart of Silver, over," replied a fairly old Salt Hog, who had a beard growing from his chin. He was holding onto a communicator, while looking in awe at the station.

The quick and floopy voice of a Thyorian Grekka-Targ replied, "Copy that Heart of Silver. What is purpose, over?"

"We are carrying one passenger and a shipment of Sprockets, over."

The Targ paused, as if he were looking at a checklist, "Hmmmm, you are on the list. Please dock at star dock two, over."

"Affirmitive, over."

The ship buzzed over to the second and only other docking bay in the station, the magnetic hook caught it and realed it in before the airlock shut. The Grey inside the cargo hold was still sleeping, and awoke when it saw the crates were being teleported.

"Wuh?" he muttered tirely. He yawned and streched before going to the tiny cockpit. The younger Salt Hog pilot, quickly said something to the Grey.

"Give us the dough and your a free man," he said while holding a small phaser.

"Okay, Okay. No need for violence."

"Yeah yeah, sure sure, but we don't want you jumping the gun, do we?"

"Erm, let me get out my wallet and..." The Electro-Wallet, which was like a caculator, had "693 E" written in digital letters on the tiny screen. He typed a few numbers before a hundred digits were subtracted from his account and the Salt-Hog's account grew by a hundred.

"Thanks for the buisness, erm, what was your name again?"

"Sha'La, and remember it next time I might need a ride."

"No prob, come back any time, this buisness is boring without any company." replied the older Salt Hog.

"Well thankyou for my ride, and I will be off."

The Grey exited through the auxillary cargo hatch two the opening of the StarDock, outside was a bustiling center of factories, and four coneferious trees with four benches surrounded a nearby Port. Two huge Energy Collectors could be seen in the distance, and several Sick Bays and a Lab could be seen. Sha'La sat on a bench next to a corridor lamp before looking at a giant video screen that was attached to the side of the station. A beautiful Siren was piling some papers before speaking in her smooth voice.

"Today in the news, Sprocked prices sky-rocketed to 30 E a pound, and this could mean news for Salt Hog traders everywhere across the sector. In other news, a Gor Naval fleet was accedently scuddled today when a Kasvagorian with a IQ of twenty accidently pressed the self destruct button. Five hundred Gors were found dead, and a thousand others were severly injured before being treated at a nearby station. No comments were made by the Gor Admiral, although it is stated that they will try to increase the average Gor IQ by one point within the next month. And we also are getting ready for the Siren festival of Dahan Day, the Siren day of Independence. This will be a big festival for tomorrow, and it is rumoured that even Sirens who aren't genticly altered will be attending the mass "Loving". This is Shava for SNN, signing off."

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Very good, but were is the HHGTTG homage?

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Where is the Guide to Hitchiking posted? Too many references to it for me to be left in the dark.

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You realy don't know? :( Its a great book written by the late Douglas Adams. Its worth its weight in gold so go and buy it before the shops find out.

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The Heart of Gold

Space Station Wetion-Setion VII: Chapter II

Sha'La stopped watching the Siren when the program went into commercials. He started looking around when all the sudden, a strange Scuzzer MK III comicly rode up to him.

"Attention New Arrival to Zpace Station Wetion-Zetion VII."

Sha'La was puzzled, "Yes?"

"The Ztation adminiztrator has chosen to hire you, but firzt you will need to take, Ze Tezt."

"The test?"

"Yez, Ze Tezt. Here iz Ze Tezt."

"But what if I don't want to be-"

"Zilence! Your lizence is only a clazz three, you will take it or be exiled from this ztation."

The robot handed Sha'La a electric note pad with typed questions on it. The Scuzzer also handed Sha'La a electric note pad pen. Some notable questions were, "Do you respect your elders?", or "Have you had hatchlings, larvae, or all of the above?, or "Do you have a degree in Grey Medical Protocols?". Sha'la, with no degree in Grey Medical Protocols because his reprogramming work on his school computer, wouldn't be a medic for sure he thought. After the test the Scuzzer took the electric note pad and shoved into a slot on his yellow body. After a second of computing, he started to speak...

"You have been clazzified as this. Name: Zha'La La'La'Va, Race: Grey (Light), Zkill: One, Dedication: Three, Loyalty: Zix, Intelligence: Average, Azzigned Job:...", the Scuzzer paused. "POLICE Force Alpha. Report to Zecurity Control Center One immediatly. Zank you and have a nize day." said the Scuzzer right before he wheeled off into the distance.

Sha'La was stunned, he was getting a job, and a exciting one for that fact. He started looking at nearby Security Centers, all had numbers on them. He finnally came to a very large and heavily modified one that said, "Security Control Center One". He walked in and found Kasvagorians and Grekka-Targs working at every station. He found a very large and muscular Gor at the back of the SCC and slowly asked him if he belonged there.

"Erm, mister Gor sir. I have been assigned to POLICE Force Alpha, and the hiring Scuzzer said to report here and-"

"What was that cadet! No saluting, eh!? And it is SIR Gor to you cadet! Drop down and give me fifty!!!"

Stunned by the heavy voice, Sha'La quickly did fifty pushups, after the second pushup though, he was sweating as if he were dating a naked Siren. When he finnally got back up, he was sweating like crazy, and saluted in front of the Gor. He noticed he was wearing dog tags and a red neo-plastic armoured suit.

"Now cadet! Your going to go through training, and this isn't a walk in the Bio-Deck. Your going to bleed so much, you'll be sipping your blood back up through a straw. Your going to run so much, your legs will crack in half. And your going to work that flabby excuse for a body into a military killing machine! Do you get me cadet!!!???"

"Sir yes sir! I guess..."

"I guess!? What kind of stupid awnser is that cadet!?"

"Not a very good one I guess."

"Drop down and give me fifty before I feel like skinning you alive!!! And after your done with that, report to the Bio-Deck on the double!!!"

Sha'La was getting very tired of this very fast. That Gor was yelling so loudly, he could smell his awful breath throughout the room. After the tiring pushups, he went to the Lift. There was a long line fore some reason. He overheard some conversation between a Grekka-Targ, and the lift itself!

"Come on, go up!"

"But it is very cold up there, wouldn't you rather go down?"

"But ve can't!"

"Yes, but you can stay here."

"Why can't you juzt go up and-"

The conversation ended when a Salt-Hog went up to the lift and said something it would never forget.

"Listen, if you don't go up soon, I'll have some lovely programming done to you."


"Yeah, it'll be done with an axe! Now go up, will you?"

"Erm, yes, I suppose I will send you up."

The line shortly shortened and the Salt Hog was there when Sha'La got up there. Sha'La wanted to thank him."

"Erm, thanks for getting the stupid-"


"Erm, faulty lift to get us up there, I'm really in a hurry.

"Ahh, don't mention it. Happens all the time. By the way, name's Blimey."

"Blimey, and mine's Sha'La. I hope we will meet again."

"Well get a move on than."


"Because the lift likes to think I won't reprogram it someday."

25th Jul 2002, 05:15
Space Station Wetion-Setion VII: Chapter III

Sha'La felt his atoms tingle as the lift transported him up to the Bio-Deck, which was exactly the opposite of what he expected. It was very cold, and snowy. Cold even for a Grey. Coneforious trees covered the white and forbidding landscape. With an occational frozen lake or too. There was even artificial clouds that "Snowed" onto the terrain. But the clouds fudged up the Bio-Deck windows, and the beauty of space could not be seen. He saw many other aliens skiing, hiking, and ice-skating in there. Most were wearing scarves, mittons, golashes, ear-muffs, and heavy coats. Although there was an occational Siren showing a belly button. Sha'La knew were he belonged when he saw a organized group of Greys, Salt-Hogs, and Grekka-Targs in a straight line shivering their feet off. A Grey, an unusually dark and muscular Grey was pacing back and forth in front of the line. He was wearing a blue jumpsuit and dark blue blast armour. Sha'La ran up to the Grey.

"Erm, Cadet Sha'La La'La'Va sir?"

"Sir Va'Alias cadet! Get in line with the rest of em'."

"Yes sir!"

Sha'La went into the line when none other than Blimey was standing right next to him. But he made no attempt to start a conversation. He stood up straight and sucked in air with all three of his lings. His chest appeared large and his belly was skinnier. It was difficult for him to do that with two and a half stomachs in there.

"Okay you Larvae! Wait, your not good enough to be Larvae yet! Your just a squabling bunch of momma-Grubs! Well we're gonna' change that! We're going to make you little grubs into something better. Do you get me!?"

They all spoke in unison, loudly, "Sir yes sir!"

"Okay, drop down and give me fifty, than run five time around that mountain!"

They all did exactly what they were told. Sha'La was panting after the first lap around the snowy mountain. They all organized into a line again after the drill.

"Okay, I see that you can all run and do those simple push-ups! Now I want to see those beer-bellies of those gone in less than a month, and I want to see those puny rubber-bands of yours turned into huge, bulging, muscles! Now your going to spend some R and R for a week in our "special" Bio-Deck Segments."

A huge door opened up behind them, and five Bio-Deck segments revealed a thick snowy forest.

"Your going to have to learn how to eat, pee, and live in that enviorment! The only way you get promoted in this buisness is if you die or we get someone better, so be all that you can be grubs!"

"Sir yes sir!"

"Well, erm, I guess so."

"Who said that!"

The line of men moved back to reveal a Siren. He was shivering and rubbing his hands together.

"Tell me, what kind of awnser is that girly-grub?"

"Erm, not a good one I guess. And I hate getting cold, it ruins my hair."

The short Grey turned shades of red and walked up to the Siren. He punched him in the face and knocked five teeth out while giving him a black eye and a nose bleed.

"Report to the Brig immediatly!"

"But, but!"

"Security control, send a pick up here immediatly, Code number 292, over."

"But, but, but! I'm to sexy and handsome to be sent to a-Umph, hey! Let go of me!"

The Siren struggled as two Gors in blue police armour dragged him away.

"Well, get in there!"

The remaining cadets walked into the huge and forbidding forest. As the doors shut behind them, it became dark, windy, and it started to snow. Sha'La found Blimey.


"Who, what, when, where!?"

"No, hey Blimey!"

"Sha'La, nice to see I'm not alone in this forsaken Skrasher's nest. Care to have a pine-cone? They're quite sweet actually."

"Erm, no thankyou. Is it always this harsh here?"

"Yeah. Soon as you know it, one day I'm working in a Factory, the next day I have to become a Cop."

"Tell me. Is there any chance you have a knife?"


"I saw a big chitter-rat and I need a spear."

"Hate the vermin too?"

"No, I'm hungry..."

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Mmm, reading that last part make me hungry for some space vermin stew as well. Very good. It seems to be as good as, if not better then mine. Keep up the good work.

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Thanks SS!

Space Station Wetion Setion: Chapter IV

Sha'La spent a week in that forsakken segment. He made clothes out of Vermin skins, and he ate the meat from them too. Him and Blimey shared their kills together, and they also built a small wooden lean-to for blizzards. Many others did not do so well. One Grekka-Targ broke out in spasms before the week was over. And when the week was over, two Gors had died of hunger. There was a special ceremony for them, and than a new training regement began. Sha'La and his fellow cadets lived in a special barracks. It was actually a three story building on the Industrial Deck. The top story was a Berth, the second story was the shower and locker room, and the first story was a lounge with two couches and a Video Screen. Not to mention the cheap coffee table and coffee maker, and the nice pool table. Every afternoon, after a short meal at a local bar, they would do excersices on the Bio-Deck. This was their schedule for a whole week, the third and final week of training was harsh and tight. They had to learn how to shoot MK I Lazer-Pistols and hit precisely. And they had to learn how to conceal themselves in all sorts of enviorments. Mainly Industrial Deck enviorments. After the training regiment, Blimey and Sha'La were good friends. After a graduation ceremony, they walked up to a Security Control Center to recieve their armour. The line was long, but they were almost at the end.

"So Blimey, you think they'll let us see some action soon?"

"I hope so. I don't want do be bored and waste all those days of training."

"Yeah. Hey, it's our turn."

The same Gor who had signed up Sha'La, was standing at the end of the line giving out blue jumpsuits and the plastic like blast armour. He gave Sha'La his and Blimey a special Salt-Hog pair.

"Here you go Cadets, wear these proudly. Remember what your fighting for. Salute!"

The three saluted together. After changing into their new gear, Sha'La was amazed. They each had a blast shield and a MK I Lazer Pistol. Sha'La's helmet had targeting crosshairs on it. Wherever he pointed the gun, the crosshairs would move there. They had heat vision, ultraviolet vision, and even Z-Ray-Vision. It was quite cool. After sleeping in their barracks, Sha'La and Blimey reported to their respective Security Control Center. They had Va'Alias as their seargent. They formally saluted and all the fellow officers (Thirty) in Police Force Alpha, sector Two. Va'Alias paced back and forth while breifing them on a mission.

"As your first day as true Police Force Soldiers, you will all perform a mission to Waystation Alpha, not far from here. They have on Skrasher aboard who has been killing Sirens at the Love-nest lately, and we want him dead! It is only one Skrasher, so we think you can take care of it. Do you get me!?"

"Sir, yes sir!"

"Good, report to Port Number 14 immediatly for transfer."

The soldiers paced over to a deactivated port. The port activated promptly as a special ship docked. The soldiers went in and were placed in a cramped cargo-hold. There were no windows, but there was enough room. After loading them and Seargent Va'Alias.

"Excited Sha'La?"

"You bet!"

"At ease soldiers. We don't want to loose any of you out there. In five minutes, we will be aboard an abandoned part of the station. Krawl and Buggims, I want your thermal seekers on at all time. Make sure to hold your shields up, and do not let go of them for any reason. They saved both my livers once. Listen to me, and you'll all live."

After docking with the abandoned section of the Way-Station, they saw an eerie sight. There were large abandoned buildings everywhere in the dark station. They were most likely built before the Great War. The soldiers walked around the station, turning the flash-lights on their Lazer Pistols on. A Grekka-Targ came up to the commander panting.

"Zir, I found a leg!"

"What's it from?"

"Ziren, and it lookz fresh. Therez a trail of blood leading to that huge building over there."

"Good work soldier."

Everyone was now putting their shields up and looking everywhere for a Skrasher.

"Sir, I got something on thermal."

"What is it Sha'La?"

"Something kind of like a Skrasher, exept it has four huge legs and two arms on the middle of his body. And they are huge. And its head is much too big, that and he has huge teeth. And it's eating a Siren."

"Could be some kind of mutation."

"Wait, he hears us!"


"No, it's Blimey! He's going after it!"

Blimey was running towards the Skrasher with no shield, he was firing at it at the head. He killed it when its head started to bleed green goo. But when he stood on top of it about to call out a victory call, another one came out of the shadows and grabbed him in his two arms. The Skrasher ripped him horizontally in two, blue blood slpattered everywhere. The Skrasher then through his legs away and began tearing at the torso. Which didn't look like a torso after five seconds.


"Fall back soldiers! Fall back!"

"There's only one left sir!"

"No there isn't!"

Va'Alias was right, there were dozens, coming out of the shadows and charging at the slowly retreating soldiers. The soldiers shot down three by shooting their heads, but one Skrasher grabbed a Kasvagorian by the head, decappitating him. They all headed back towards the port backwards. But one Skrasher came from the shadows behind them and grabbed Sha'La and punctured his arm, but not severing it. After what seemed an eternity of pain to Sha'La, the Skrasher let go and charged at Va'Alias, who was shooting at it. The Skrasher was close to slicing Va'Alias, whos life was saved when Sha'La shot the Skrasher to death with the last of his strength. Sha'La fell to the ground and Va'Alias picked him up before running to the now closing port. The spaceship they were on sped away, not even trying to rescue the now deceased or injured soldiers.

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You've been watching StarShip troopers lately haven't you.

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just what i was thinking, it was on about a week ago. i wonder what will happen when they get back to their station? will there be a stowaway? just love StarTopiaship Troopers

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Hello where have u gone where is the story?

It is good!:confused:

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I was wondering that as well, as I'd like to see the next chapter, because this stroy rules.

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Yeah. Go on Exitium continue with this it's brilliant.

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GJ on the story man, it be better if it were a movie (hey i can dream cant i?)

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This fanfic rocks dracoraptor! Write MORE or I unleash a horde of memau on your doorstep.

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Errrrr, I REALLY hope this gets continued, as this is fun to read.

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Tough it won't be, poor Draco is too busy trying to balance room mates, family and job to sit at a computer for 2 hours. You've been begging for a month and nothing has happened, so stop begging before Alpha Labels you as spammers.

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Technically its not spam, its just asking him to continue the story and praise it and pet it and hug it and squeeze it till its eyes pop out!

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Aaaah, now that the family has gone, and the hours are better, Exitium is to write a new fan-fic in an Alien-esque fashion. In fact, now that I only work week-days (Conveinently from opening time to three), I can finally have some free time to write something! And about my hours- selling Printers is a menial task, yet I'm the only one who does it four five days a week during the hours which the least sell. Despite the fact that I've been doubling my quota for a while...

Now, I might complete this one later if I feel inspired, although the one I'm thinking of sounds more inspiring to itself.

And Arctic, Spam is such a strong word. Use spiced-anicipation-ham. Thankyou anyway though, this will no longer happen however. As long as my pets don't maul me that is...

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