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23rd Jul 2002, 04:03
Reading thorugh my old PCGamer magazines I found an Interview with none other than Gary Carr. Its quite long and very detailed so I can't type it out. But it details a few features that are non existant.

Some examples;

Originaly said by Steve Brown
Can you explain more about the way you inhabitents' personalities change?

Originaly said by Gary Carr
They have three states - a mind, a body and a soul - that you can influence. If you weaken their mindtheir mental state can change, they can become agressive. Nourishment, education, entertainment; all of these influence their stats. All thingsare possible with different strengths and weaknesses in these three states. You can make somebody realy friendly, very aggresive, Intelligent or dumbed down. You amy not want a hyper-intelligent station because sometimes ignorence is bliss. You can actualy manipulate peaple betterif they're unintelligent, so thats what you do in the game. You're the god, you're the person that can change the personallities. You can get someone who is initialy quite stupid and you can educate them. With a system of education you can basicly get a workforce that is superior, or you can buy in skill sets.

Were did that come from? I've not seen any of it the game.

Orignaly said by Steve Brown
The point of becoming a dictatoris to expand through more station segments?

Originaly said by Gary CarrAny way you play it, the point is to take over the whole station We've tried to put a real game into this: you've got sixteen segments, you've got the other three computer players and mates and there's Business and military strength to use. If you expand then there's one less segment for someone else to have and the conflict comesin when you come up against some one who has a segmetn that you want. You can starve them in a business way, you can buy segmetns off them, or you can ask them to be.come allies so they can join up with you. At some point there will be a balance so that you are the stronger allyand you can absorb them, or you can build armies so that you can ransack their segment. The problem there is that the other two players are aware of wahts going on, so if they see you blaze through with an armythey're going to say "lets get together and not trade with him" and you get starved out. If one of these players has a brillient science institute and they have a cure for a disease that's killing yur people, obviously your going to want that medical supply an they're going to use that against you. It doesn't matter how great your army is if your disease ridden without a cure

Barely anything of this is in the game single or multi-player

Originaly said by Steve Brown
How do you detect spies coming into your segmetns?

Originaly said by Gary Carr
If you have 100% security on your station checking immigrants as they come in you can dete.ct spies immediatly, but the problem is that it slows down the procces of people coming in. If you suspect spies then you can up security, but if you get it wrong and make an arrest or kill somebody with four kids who works for a humanitarian organistation, its going to have consequences

I don't recall being able to do this.

Originaly said by Steve Brown
Is there veterancy in the game> Do you have to look after individuals with skills?

Originaly said by Gary CarrYou can promote and demote people. The interface shows how long they've been on your station, how old they are, what relationships they've formed. Characters can meet each other, get married and have children. People will leave if they're not happy. You can communicate with other player's segments and make it know that you are looking for, say, a very good scientist and that person may decide to joing you. There are 135 life-forms in the game and 10 primary life-forms.

Some of you are probably saying. "But they said they had to cut stuuf out to make the dead-line." The magazine was printed for February 2001, four months before the game came out and to top it all off...

Originaly said by Steve Brown
Whats left to do now?

Originaly said by Gary Carr We've got four missions in that we're happy with. We've basicly got ten missions laid out because we see each mission as having sub-missions anyway. We're calling them episodes because ten missions doesn't sound a lot, but mission three , for example, is about two-hours gameplay. Also we have to finalise the computer players and how they interact with you. Everything else is done.

Don't ge tme wrong but I love the game, I just want to know were those features went.

23rd Jul 2002, 04:26
Grrr... oh the pain of things left out of a game... When was this aricle printed, because you have to remeber Mucky Foot had to cut much of the game for their own nefarious purposes.

23rd Jul 2002, 04:48
I was posting one quote then going back and editing in another. Copying from something is down right hard work and I had to message my neck switching between the magazine and the monitor.

24th Jul 2002, 11:01
Well, thats fairly enough easy to fix: compose your message in a text editor and then copy and paste into the forum.

Thats an interesting article, btw. Ah, such ambitions MF had - although I can thoroughly understand why they might have had to rein it all in a bit trying to get a complex game environment established for the very first time. Hell, I'd happily forgo a sequel if they released an "update" - much like Valve does with Half-Life.

27th Jul 2002, 07:50
Think if they had an unlimited time limit and unlimited budget, a game like that would have been amazing. Their vision sounds very much like a space version of "Republic." *Sigh*.... Dreams....

27th Jul 2002, 20:20
No. Didn't you read it?

All those features were completed, all MF said they had to be was finish scripting the missions and tweak the Enemy A.I. Thats why I am angry, they said everything is done but almost none of it is actualy in the game. The very same reason I was shocked with Black and White.

27th Jul 2002, 21:26
Either he lied, or he was mistaken. Why does it matter now?

27th Jul 2002, 23:55
Or they had to remove a large amount of already-completed features because the guy with the purse-strings may have felt it was too complicated (and therefore would sell to an even smaller market).

28th Jul 2002, 00:21
Good point, but I don't think thats the case.

28th Jul 2002, 03:36
Fair enough Arctic. But I think it took MF about 2000 odd man hours to implement Staropia's patch, so I guess all those other ambitious things would have taken forever to properly test and bug fix. If they had been included, I suspect this thread would have been a rant about all the stuff in Startopia that never worked properly. Vapourware is always just hot air until you get to see the final product. Startopia's a first draft of a pretty ambitious subject - its not doing too badly.

28th Jul 2002, 04:43
Go up five posts and read what I said. Gary Carr said everything was done except for scripting the missions and seeing if they were happy with the A.I. Scripting the missions would require testing in the game but the game itself, finalising the Enemy Administrators may have had a bearing on one of the issues I raised but not most of them.

Besides 2000 man hours isn't that much.
X=How many employee's does MF have that worked on the patch?
Y=How many days were they developing the patch?
Z=how long each developer spent working on the patch

(2000 divided by X)divided by Y = Z

Having already done this were X=20(rounded number of MF Employee's) and Y=44(number of days in two 30 day months with the weekends taken out). And Z=2.27hours

31st Jul 2002, 19:33
Just let it go boy, let it go... *Strokes Arctics head*

:) Just kidding, don't bite. :)

2nd Aug 2002, 01:36
ahh yes arctic, i feel your pain, i also read many things that i thought would be so cool, and wen't in the game, i knida want to say, "hey, this game is great, i can forgive them for not putting it in" but i can't forgive them for saying it would be there, then again , i could have just been hearing rumors. but all the same, they definately said stuff that they didn't put in, fighting pit, and that is no good, boo, buit then again hurrah for such a good game, oh i'm so torn, i need to go pull myself back together.