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23rd Jul 2002, 01:30
thanks to everyone who helped me get the soul reaver. i really didnt think he would go down so fast, honestly i didn't expect to see him so soon. i'm sure we'll meet again. i really like this forum. every one has a good attitude. needless to say; i am loving soul reaver, i am particular about the games i play. i have only played a few that held my intrest long enough to play them all the way through.......... i hate to think that i'll need help on every twist and turn, but.....i solved the block puzzle in the cathedral (with the spider vamps) it showed me what i activated but i lost my way and cant find it,, maybe just a small hint this time. thanks to all........
.............................colinnovember, harvester of souls.

23rd Jul 2002, 01:36
Glad we could be of help, the Soul Reaver is pretty fun to play with, but I always like tossing a spear through the vamps, especially from a distance :)

You're gonna have to be more specific, the Cathedral is a HUGE "level" and SR1 is all about the block puzzles :rolleyes: A little more detail or a picture would be great.

And everybody here are pretty good people except one person he's really evil and he'll devour you if you're not careful, his name is *whispers* warp..... *spear appears through body*

23rd Jul 2002, 02:07
i only just entered the catheral. i enterd the first main chamber and made my way across the roof tops and from there into a second area where i had to enter the spectral plane to climb a pillar which is where i encountered the first block puzzle of the cathedral (the blocks were the missing pieces of the pictures on the walls) i completed the puzzle and it showed me what it activated but cant find my way to it....talk to ya soon.

23rd Jul 2002, 02:22
Colin: Ok, are you talking about the circular room with the pipes and large tunnel in the middle?

If so then you went to the ledge by walking the pipes and then went in the door on the right (facing the big hole from when you first enter said large room). What you have to do is find the door on the same ledge area that is the left area. Basically when you exit from the puzzle room take a right walk past the wooden block like things, and go through the other door up there.

(This of course is if I am remembering the structure correctly)

23rd Jul 2002, 03:00
Ah ok, I think I know.... That switch releases another switch which powers the fans at the bottom of the Cathedral, exit the room and there should be a a crescent turn with two wooden insets, step on the one you released and then round the corner into the next room and release the switch there too (Beware of Spider-boy)

23rd Jul 2002, 18:47
i had actually gone back thru and figured out to catch the up draft in the cathedral. i know this is lame, but i cant seem to completly figure out how this game thinks. i am in the cathedral, i took the uo draft to the level with the bells (my first encounter with bells) i solved the two block puzzles inthe two seperate chambers, i then rang the first bell and it broke a glass enty, but it leeds no where.when i solved the block puzzles i showed two of four glass panles breaking... i am at a loss as to what to do ...please help again thanks.....again

23rd Jul 2002, 19:48
Ok, here's what ya do.

Move up the the large bell (top area) and whack it. Then quickly turn away from the bell and jump out the opening. Jump STRAIGHT across to the purple foyer. Once there continue going straight down a ramp between two firey lanterns to another bell. Whack this bell to create another tone that will shatter the huge stained glass window. From here head back up to the path with the first large bell. Move through this passage and past the bell until you reach a large crank on the right wall. Jump up to the crank and swing it around. A cutscene will show you a timed door opening. Rather than trying to reach this door in time, switch to spectral where time will "stop".

Have fun