View Full Version : Salvage, auto map prob...

22nd Jul 2002, 23:10
The auto map now works, thanx for the help, but one part still doesn't.

There is no background map image. Just that purple missing map color.

So now when I go to map it comes up with the room I'm in on a purple background, I click to the other map page (notes) and all the rooms stay there but now they are on the notes page.

If I go back to page one the rooms are still on the notes page.

If I close the map and reopen it does it all over again.

I have all the map parts in the intrface/miss31/english folder.
even the three reference maps (that have the rooms in pink).

22nd Jul 2002, 23:19
Put the original map(the original one(s) from tomi's archive) in the english folder as well, be sure to rename it to what it's supposed to be(page001.pcx, etc., those are zeros, not letters). You will have to restart Dromed for it to recognise the new maps you added, opening the mis again won't work.

23rd Jul 2002, 00:06
Ok, I double checked just in case but have already checked that a couple times.

In that folder i also have page000.pcx (zeros) and page001.pcx.

page000 is the notes page, it works fine.

page001 is Tomi's map, it doesn't show at all.

I renamed them making sure I used zeros and opened Drom, loaded miss, No dice.:confused:
I have min page 0(notes), max page 1 (auto)

Do you think its because map page 1 is the auto map and map page 0 is not an auto map?

23rd Jul 2002, 00:24
Have you edited Tomi's map in any way? The palette was really messed up in the ones you sent me earlier

I suggest you extract the map again, rename it, and put it in the right directory.

I know that you wanted the starting room to be shown on the map when you start, and it happens by default anyway, so no worries.

23rd Jul 2002, 01:44
You know i didn't think I changed Tomi's map, but maybe I saved it from the .psd file I was painting.

I replaced it with a fresh one and it works fine now. Thanx for your help.

Now I also realize the problem I had making the thin pink lines was too. I had Anti-Ailiasing turned on.:D