View Full Version : Favorite Tomb Raider-moments

22nd Jul 2002, 20:36
I was wondering ... of all the levels you've ever played, which one did you like the most? I don't know any official names of Tomb Raider-levels, but I'll try my very best to explain it to you. Here are my favorite Tomb Raider-moments ...

* the desert railroad level where Lara Croft has to fight a small army of blade-swinging attackers in red clothing! - TRLR

* the chess game of TRLR! If you win, it's climbing and jumping time! If you lose, you've gotta take the way underground!

* the level of TRII in which Lara Croft (after climbing on board of a plane) has been captured and needs to escape! I like all escape-levels; by the way. The escape level in Natla's mines of TRI and the escape level of TRIII in that high-security prison where you have to depend on others (now here's a nice change ... and they're criminals ... the scum of the earth!) ... and also the escape-level of TRC!

* Home sweet home! Probably thé most surprising of all Tomb Raider-level made so far! You think it's all over and then suddenly !!BAM!! there's one more level and guys are breaking into your house.

* And last but not least: the training level of TRIII and in particular: the part with the jeep where you can race on the race track ... or where you can shoot Jeeves!! Coool!!!

Eventually I like all levels ever made in an official (tr, trII, trIII, trlr and trc) Tomb Raider-game. But if I had to choose one level that sometimes bugged me more than any other level; then I'd choose for one of those underwater-levels of TRII; They're fun to begin with (although very, very creepy as you start your underwater-journey between a couple of sharks and you're surrounded by darkness!) ... so they're fun to begin with, but after a while they begin to bug a little. Too little variation in that particular 'world'; I think there are about three or even four of those underwater-levels and that's sometimes just too much!

But that's my opinion, ya know! :D