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22nd Jul 2002, 20:28
Yes I've finaly got round to going over my most successful fan fic, the only one I ever completed aswell, the ending will be changed and it will continue for another 10 Chapters after that.


A Memau's Tale

Chapter 1;

"GET OUT YOU LITTLE BUGGER!!"Shouted a merchant as it threw a small orange memau out of it's ship. Naroly missing the drop into space the poor thing bounced off the railings and landed upside down on the cold deck floor.
"Cruel B*stard" Thought the memau wriggling it's paws in the air before falling to its side. Graduly the pain from its fall lessened and it was able to sit up and take in his surroundings.

It was quite a place. Flashing lights danced across the floor from a nearby powerbooster aswell as a fire fight between the station's security forces and a spy, taking place just before the curvature of the station looped from view. Closer though, many Aliens were busily going about their day, chatting, eating, working. The flush of lavotrons, the groan of recyclers, the hiss of of departing merchant ships and the smell of fresh turdite. It was realy too much for a memau who was acustomed to the Tranquil forests of Memauan. A short while later it got to it's feet and strolled off.

Coming to a quiet corner near a Dine-O-Mat it stopped to clean itself and have a short rest.
"Awww, look at the cute little memau, Zed"Said the head of a passing Turruken with a strange hollow, golden frisbie above it's heads. It bent down and extended its left arm to pat the memau.
"Humph, I want my supper." Said the other head.
"Maybe its hungry aswell?"
"Ted, no."
"C'mon it won't do any harm"
"Oh...fine then."
"Yippe. Okay then memau, you stay here and we'll bring you back a snack." The Turruken wandered over to the Dine-O-Mat and pressed a hand against a green pad.
"What do memaus eat?"
"How should I know? Just get one of everything."
The Turruken wandered back and brought with it a shiny metal tray. On it were three things, A white box with a pile of warm grey stuff sitting in it. Another box containing a Zog-Burger. Finaly a box of crystal-like blue things. The Turruken carefully placed the tray infront of the Memau, it sniffed each at each one then bowed its head toward the pile of grey stuff. It eat the box whole and the same for the other two without touching any of the food.
"Well, what do you know." Said Zed "An organic garbage disposal." who patted him. Ted did the same and the Memau beggan emmiting a low, soft rumbling sound.

"Lets take him home?" Said Ted
"Why not?"
"Because...well, are you going to clean up after him?"
"But Zed, just look at it. With those big black eyes and the soft fur and"
"But...but...oh but...okay then."
"Hurray!" Shouted Ted with glee and scooped the Memau off the floor. Zed was unsure of himself as he walked toward a turbo-lift.
"Please state the deck number" Said a mechanical voice.
"Two." Said Zed.
"Ehem..."Said the voice.
"Two, Please." A sudden whir, and they were contorted through space and time to arrive in a totaly different place.

The memau could hardly stand it. Fast music blasted at them fron all directions, surging crowds extanded into infinity. Flashing lights of all colours, every structure gleaming and sparkling. Turdite littered the floor. The spray from a plaza fountain in the next segment reflected light in a dazzling shade of every colour in every spectrum. A dancing yellow plant, flying pink hearts, disco lasers, music, energy credits, chatter, Energy Anomilies.

After what seemed like an age of wandering aimlessly the Turruken had brought it to a quiet area. This place only had a few aliens walking around, all of them had the strange frisbies above thier heads aswell. At a nice white, terraced structure they stopped for a while before going in. The door opened and closed around them plunging them into darkness, after a lot of strange electric noises a door behind them opened up revealing a bare corrider with nothing but doors along one side and nice pink carpet underfoot.

The turruken slid open a door marked 32 and went inside. It was a white room with 3 doors and a huge opaque round window. The carpet too was white, in the centre of the room was a grey pinstriped three seater sofa facing the left wall. On the left wall was a wide screen image projecor and all the top-quality speakers, amplifiers gal-net reciever boxes and other such electronic accesories you'd expect to find. either side of which were 2 of the doors. Behind the sofa was a large floor to ceiling life size painting of the Turrukens family and pet snarg. And in the corner was a bio-pot containing a small tree-like plant that looked rather like two rader dishes on stalks.

Behind the first door on the left was a small also white room that served as a miniture Dine-O-Mat. The second door led into a sparklingly-clean Lavotron. Finaly on the right wall near the back wall was the third door, it led into a dim purple room that contained a large purple bed and some soft music was contantly playing above the bed.

Ted dropped the memau onto the grey sofa and the turruken sat down next to it. It rolled over and Ted tickled it's stomach, it started making the same low rumbling sound as it had done before. While zed pulled a small black thing from the depths of the sofa and used it start the Image projecter. A muscular grey popped up holding a large laser weapon and was blasting away at a large reptillian creature tat was one of the aggressors in he great intergalactic war. Zed turned the sound up until the sounds of war and laser drowned out the memau's rumbling but it didn't mind.

"Thank the divine being for this turruken." It thought

22nd Jul 2002, 23:28

A Memau's Tale

Chapter 2;

The Memau woke up on the purple bed, it was was vibrating quietly since Ted's arm had flopped over the controls. With the soft beddy-bye music going aswell it was an enjoyable and relaxing experience, so much so that the memau began making the loud rumbling sound again.

"Bloody thing! I'm trying to get some sleep!" Shouted Zed and threw his pillow at the Memau knocking it off the bed.
"Oh Come on now!"Said Ted "That was totaly uncalled for. Besides, no-one's gonna get some sleep with you yelling at the little fella." It jumped back on and curled up
"Fine, fine. As long as we're up we might as well get some breakfast." The Turruken got dressed by putting on it's lab coat and name tag.

The Memau went and curled up on the sofa while Zed and Ted went into the Dine-O-Mat. Emerging again the carried a tray thorugh, on it was two bowls of Hyper-suger-mega-blasters Cereal and the empty packet. Zed switched on Image Projector. A few station announcements came up then cartoon about a skrasher who always get vaporized at the end at which Zed burst out laughing and spilt his cereal all over the Memau who Ted promptly put in the Lavotron. They came back t some adverts for things in the Rec-Deck, a news bulliten that talked about a small blue-green planet in the western spiral arm of the galaxy being demolished and how small white things were protesting against it. A few more adverts flashed up when a knock at the door came and Zed switched it off. He got up and answered it. It was a security scuzzer.

"Doc-ter Hyp-er-zed-and-ted?"It spoke
"You have been pro-mo-ted to le-vel fi-ve cle-ar-en-ce. You are to re-por-t for du-ty imm-e-di-at-ly."
"Ha-ve a good day doc-ter." It said and waddled off
"O.K then lets get to work." Said Zed
"What about fluffy?" said Ted "we can't just leave it here."
"Yeah, I decided to give it a name."
"But...Fluffy! How about Thunderer?"
"Nah...Neo perhaps?"
"Been done. Lets call him Ghyron!"
"Oh all right. How about Gigamorphexfelanus?"
"Perfect!" Memau shook his head fervantly but Hyperzedandted took no notice.
"Alright Gigamorphexfelanus." Said Ted "You stay here and sleep while we go to work. Have a nice day." but before the door could close behind him Gigamorphexfelanus had leapt acros the sofa and out the door. he crept silently behind Zed and Ted as they chatted exitedly to each other about having clearence to the level 5 labs and soon Memau was out the door and free to explore.

He'd found his way back into the busy streets and to avoid being crushed by a surge of Gors rushing toward the newly opened combat store he ducked inside a large pink building, and found himself sitting infront of the most beautiful sight in his life. A busty siren was standing over him and before he go move it leapt into the air and waved down at him.

"Eh?" He thought, suddenly he was pulled off the floor and was floating in mid-air. He struggled to get down but he quickly gave up when his face was blasted with warm pink light. The feeling was indescribeably pleasurable. He was dancing across pink clouds in a crystal blue sky, he'd never felt so warm and loved in his life when he fell to floor. It was over. He began to gathered his thoughts together when he was thrown out of the way by an impatient Gem-slug.

He landed upside down infront of the entrance when another of those busty siren cam along on its wayto work. It bent down to tickle Gigamorphexfelanus's stomach which gave him emmence for one reason

"Hee hee! I can see down it's shirt!"

23rd Jul 2002, 03:38
They came back t some adverts for things in the Rec-Deck, a news bulliten that talked about a small blue-green planet in the western spiral arm of the galaxy being demolished and how small white things were protesting against it

You have payed homage to Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy. Very nice fic, eh?

28th Jul 2002, 00:11
Originally posted by Arctic_Wolf
"Been done. Lets call him Ghyron!"

http://forums.eidosgames.com/images/icons/icon14.gifI think I like this fan-fic already. Perhaps you can mention the galaxies most nefarious villain a few more times?

28th Jul 2002, 06:00
After the Siren had left Gigamorphexfelanus he kept on his back with his feet in the air hoping another of those sirens would come along and storke his belly. Instead the passing Aliens avoided him completly, disapointed he got to his feet and wondered off.

He sat quietly and munched on some litter near a quiet combat store. Sitting up and the opposite effect of lying down it seemed, Targs, Greys, Turrukens, Sirens, Salt-hogs, Karmarma, Zedem were almost queing to pat and caress him. This all ended how ever when a section of the security forces, famed for their bullying ways, showed up with permission to upgrade thier weapons. The other aliens quickly dispearsed.

When the leader of the Security Forces noticed the slightly miffed memau munching away on a zog-burger packet took he tooked adventage that his back was turned and gave him a great kick up the arse :rolleyes:. Poor Gigamorphexfelanus went flying across the deck and landed on the turbo lift. The turbo lift's question o which deck its oocupant would like to go to was drowned out by the luaghter of the gors.

"What the **** was that!" Gigamorphexfelanus thought and lifted his leg to lick and soothe his sore bum. The gors took great offence and were seathing with fury.

"Okay lads!" Said there leader "Let gu and smash 'im in. On three..." and Gigamorphexfelanus was contorted through space and time to arrive in a whole new world.

He looked around dumbstruck. He was in Memauan, Green grass and huge canopy like trees all around. Or so he thought he was until he turned round and found the cold hard wall of the Biodeck. poking just out from the canopy of trees was a small green hill, he headed for it to get a better view of his surroundings. It was a beautiful place. Directly infront of him was a ditch filled with water that flowed a few segments on through the canopy of Elderbarans toward towards a deep lake. Across the "river" the land rose steadily and became colder and became patched with snow until it was all one snowy crest at the summit. There wern't many aliens around a Siren swimming in the distant lake, two Salt-hogs chatting half way up the mountain and a Karmarma taking a break in its shade.

Being bold Gigaforphex Felanus lept across the water and clinged to the cold ground long enough to gain a foothold. He strolled ver to the two salt-hogs.

"Di' ya here that Ghyron 'as gone missin'?"
"Yeah, do ya tink Arctic Wolf's plan worked?"
"The're both did from crashin' inta Imperial Stashon. But people 'ave been sein' SC Wolf wearin' full battle armor all over ta place and...Oh look, what's this?" It leant down to pat his head, the other tickled his chin
"So anyway..."and memau strolled away up the mountain.

At the summit he sat down looking down into the "river" and the fish that had recently evolved in it. He imagined putting his paws in and catching one and micked this with his left paw. Unfortunaly this coased his to loose his grip and we went sliding down and great speed. He calwed at the ground in desparation but it only crumbled leaving a distinct scratch mark all down the side. He slid over a level bit and fell with a tremoundous splash into the water.

He was lucky to have fell into the water at that time because a great big, flaming meteor had strangly came through the biodeck window without even leaving a scratch and had smashed into the mountain, splattering the two Salt-hog's atoms across the bio-deck. Though being under water at the time he didn't notice.

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9th Aug 2002, 12:52
My Goodness! I didn't know Arctic_Wolf was a writer! And a prolific one at that! Fan Fiction, huh? Interesting concept.

9th Aug 2002, 13:48
I've written quite a lot of storys but I mostly lose my inspiration and it ends up discontinued. I might do more later tonight, I can't be bothered right now.

20th Aug 2002, 21:01
I like this Fanfic. You are a good writer but its just to bad that you loses your inspiration. I hope you will make more chapters for this fanfic soon.

29th Aug 2002, 15:59
Carry on

29th Aug 2002, 19:34
Maybe... but I want constant commenting like you for SkrasherSmasher or I'll stop and delete the thread. :p

29th Aug 2002, 20:43
i don't need constant adoration from my fans. I just want some props every once in a while...

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Neither do I, I just want to know people are reading it. Like you post an episode, get a few comments. Post an Episode, get a few comments.

Wereas I post an episode get no comments. Post another episode, get two comments. Post another episode wait until some confirms me as a writer.

I got a grand total of 3 comments on my writing! People must either not like it, or just not read it.

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That's what the "views" column on the topic listings is for!