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22nd Jul 2002, 20:20
i went to on a search for new hitman pictures and i stumbled upon www.gamezone.com
it has like 30 new screens and every game system has differ pictures!!
it's great:cool:

22nd Jul 2002, 21:15
Nicely done, Sammie.

Here's the specific links:
For the PC (http://www.gamezone.com/gamesell/p19367.htm)
For the PS2 (http://ps2.gamezone.com/gamesell/p19367.htm)
For the XBox (http://xbox.gamezone.com/gamesell/p19367.htm)

23rd Jul 2002, 06:03
Can you guys all stop torturing me already?!

Here's a nice one of those ninjas we were ranting about, ICE:


This looks interesting too:


There's a mission in India too then? Is this the sabotaged heart operation one everyone's gushing about? And is that in India?


And what is happening here?


23rd Jul 2002, 23:27
Bah. this game is starting to suffer from "too many screenshots" syndrome.

24th Jul 2002, 01:03
What syndrome would you rather it suffer from? :)

24th Jul 2002, 04:45
I-have-played-this-game-20-times-over-and-it's-getting-boring syndrome.

24th Jul 2002, 19:28
heh, yeah that'd be good
But I'm just groaning about things as usual. I think there's a point where releasing more screenies is counter productive. Just makes me nitpick a static image. Also smacks of desperation for attention (but that's just me). The hitman 2 stuff seems to have gone into overdrive since the delay. I just hope they're not thinking that silly thought that often goes around; must maintain public interest in pre release.

24th Jul 2002, 20:03
I agree, Muzman. That's a too-oft line of reasoning, when I think sales figures of games since the beginning of time would show that it's after-release reviews and (most importantly) word-of-mouth that keep game sales going. But, of course, as always, I could be completely wrong.

24th Jul 2002, 20:54
I had a thought. Since they usually ramp up the publicity about two 'magazine cycles' before release and this game has been pushed back already, it's kinda had two loads of publicity. That would excuse it somewhat for wearing me out so much ;)
Still, they did keep releasing stuff in the intervening 4 months. Unnecessary that sort of thing, I feel. As you say, more or less, there's only so much pimping you can do of somthing people can't have.

25th Jul 2002, 06:05
I find that each screen gives me a tantalizing view of what's to come. Mainly because Hitman is a game which really depends on its spectacular visuals to attract gamers and attention. Other games, like Need for Speed, or, say, Quake or Halflife don't really fall into that category. I can see that its developers are attempting to sell the game with its visuals too, and I really can't blame them. The two outstanding features I'm looking forward to in Hitman 2, make that three, are the Visuals/Animations, Storyline/Plot, and Sountrack/Audio, not to mention the games refreshing basis on stealth and silence over violence.

25th Jul 2002, 13:26
well at least dolphins are growing oposable thumbs:eek: