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22nd Jul 2002, 19:22
Found this to be useful:
A program that turns your scanner
and printer into a very simple to use photocopy machine. It's
called Photocopier and it's free! Its copies are very good. I
know from friends that some scanners come with a photocopy
program, but mine didn't. And some of my friends find this
Photocopier better than the one they got with their scanner.

There's also a Photocopier Pro, which is shareware, but in most cases the free version can fit the needs. You can find Photocopier at http://www.nicocuppen.com .

Reduce the headache of Reinstall

After countless installs of windows, all flavors from
3.1 to win98 SE2, I was surprised to find out that I could not
find one tech who was doing what I did. To me it made sense and while it's easier on a system that is being reformatted or reinstalled, it can be done on a new system as well. Here's what you do.

If it's a reformat/ reinstall. Identify all the hardware on
your system and copy the INF files for each piece of hardware
to a floppy disk. While many bits are generic windows
supported, many others have their own unique setups. Ever
have windows "Not" find your modem? The idea is to collect all
the actual setup files, either from the INF folder itself, the
windows\inf\other folder, or locate them on the floppy or CD
from the manufacturer. If you are not certain which ones to
copy from the floppy of CD, copy them all to a properly
formatted floppy disk.

Then do your format and reinstall with this little twist. When
you get to the "Setup needs to restart. Remove all Floppies."
Leave the boot disk in and restart. When you get to the dos
prompt switch to the A:\ prompt and type copy *.*
C:\windows\inf where C is the letter of the drive you installed
windows. When done remove the floppy and restart so that setup
will resume.

The twist is that now widows has the setup files for the actual
hardware installed on that system, (including the modem ;~) and
when it looks for the hardware can identify it all and use the
manufacturer's setup. You may be asked for the CD's with
drivers on it and you get a really solid and trouble free
install with this method.

Plus you do not get countless entries in the registry for
hardware installs that were not correct.(0000. 0001, 0002 etc.)
For a new system that you may have built or rebuilt you can use
the same technique, you just need access to the original setup
disks for the "newest" hardware that you have installed. This
works especially well on a new system with the latest and
greatest hardware and saves literally hours of hardware
troubleshooting. ---

22nd Jul 2002, 23:05
You know, I've never thought of copying the inf files over. I always thought that there would be problems with the install if I changed something in the middle.

I get a lot of "what's that?" from Windows with most of my hardware when I format/reinstall/yell. This will most likely help me next time.;)

Thorin Oakenshield
22nd Jul 2002, 23:15
Thanks theBlackman.
I'm going to swap from w2k back to xp soon. I wonder if it will work for that?;)

23rd Jul 2002, 07:10
made a copy of it for posterity...although I do have a full system backup capabiltiy with my CD-R/RW proggie...but if my system crashes...I have to install Windows first to access it...it will only run in Windows and not DOS...so maybe this might be a workaround in case? Thanks for the info and Good Hunting! :)