View Full Version : "hitman is not a valid win32 application" error..help

22nd Jul 2002, 18:02
i updated to the 1.92 service pack found on the site, and i get this message whenever i start the game now. i tried uninstalling then installing it again. then patching it before running the game but i still get the error message. i was wondering anyone on the forum has had this problem and has solved it.

22nd Jul 2002, 21:38
If you look at your Hitman.exe file, you will notice that it will be 0-1KB which is obviously impossible for a working executable file. In short, the patching process did not work. This problem normally occurs to cracked software. I suggest you play without patching the game. If you wish to try patching it in the future, save a copy of Hitman.exe before patching. This way you don't have to reinstall the game, but just replace the file.