View Full Version : how all the people expect to be the new coming games from blood omen and soul reaver?

22nd Jul 2002, 17:58
i already , when i first ended the soul reaver 2 game i tought that the might make a vampire raziel again and that kain was going to rearise his sons and he would sacrifise himself to restore the pillars but now i think again , the fact that janos audron's heat restores vampiric unlife so now i say kain might restore his sons except for raziel cause it will be the same kain from the last game and raziel will now use janos heart to restore himself and now with his knoledge raziel will elude kain from throwing him into the abyss ...

22nd Jul 2002, 22:07
Actually, Amy Hennig(director of SR, SR2) stated that Raziel can never be redeemed.

By the way, have you played any of the previous games? No offense, but it seems that you are "unenlightened" about the history of Nosgoth at the time.

And if your question is if there is a SR3 and BO3 coming out in the future, then yes, SR3 is in development, but a third installment in the BO series has yet to be revealed.

22nd Jul 2002, 22:48
He might be beyond redemtion but there still the fact that janos audron,s heart who might restore his vampiric unlife or perhaps not . But talking about other things kain told him before he went to the spectral realm that janos audron must stay dead which was the reason that raziel went back to the stronghold to take back janos heart to his own owner . So now i ask, what would it happen with janos heart ?

22nd Jul 2002, 23:00
I honestly don't have much of an idea.

22nd Jul 2002, 23:14
I don't now if you have noticed the same thing that i have saw in the game ,but , you now the place where the elder god is right ? ok , well in the plataform where the pillars are where the elder is are 7 symbols . I've reconized four of these symbols they're the dark , light , wind ,and fire forges symbols but there are three that i have no idea of what are their origin but i think they are from missing forges that doesn't appear in this game or was cut of that's what i think.

23rd Jul 2002, 01:02
I believe if I recall correctly those three symbols are: Earth, Water, and Amplified Reaver (combination of all elements).

Many discussions about the destiny of Janos' heart have come about but unfortunately a lot were lost on the old forums :(
And Raziel didn't visit Janos' because of his heart, he knew that Janos might help him with his destiny and his identity, he was also compelled by history and probably by the Reaver to go also.

23rd Jul 2002, 14:54
Well i guess you are right .If i remember clearly raziel went to janos to know who he is . But conversation were short since the sarafan brothers of raziel appeared janos was forced to protect raziel or save him . I think that the game will start where it left with raziel in the spectral realm .

There is other thing that bothers me is , when you talk to the spirit moubius when you end the talk you change to spectral and you find to souls that cannot be swallowed . I wonder if this is the spirit of moubius?