View Full Version : I don't know what happen with coliseum

17th Nov 2012, 07:04

This picture my friend capture from coliseum.I need to know what happen.Very hard to go to S+ Rank and many people in rank A+ & A has average attack 3000+ why they can stay in S+ Rank?


This picture about people who get Rank S in your Coliseum

But my Rank is only B+.Why ?

I think many people do something with your sever or anything for get Ranking in coliseum Please check & Ban them.

17th Nov 2012, 09:33
(I believe you should be able to post pictures directly into the threads as long as you have flickr.com, tumblr.com, deviantart.com or instagr.am.)

17th Nov 2012, 10:36
OK.i success to change picture link.Thank you.

17th Nov 2012, 11:39
(Nice. Glad to be of help.)

4th Dec 2012, 13:33
why isn't there a response from square on this?

5th Dec 2012, 03:03
why isn't there a response from square on this?

i think the forum mods are still hunting. might take a while because 5* drop rate is too low...

on-topic: there's a hack that enables players to gain points REALLY fast. SE should include in their banning script a check for accounts with instant, big gains in points/rank

5th Dec 2012, 20:48
Holy crap, I was stuck in B range and everyone had 2700+ atk....QQ

7th Dec 2012, 15:18
why isn't there a response from square on this?

Because they do not know how to fix their own game, so they will not bother responding to you.