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22nd Jul 2002, 08:26
please help me i can't find a way to defeat magnus in the eternal prison i am 95% through and can knock him down from the pedestal but after he losses a third to half his blood and goes into the other area i can't work out how to defeat him if anyone can help it would be greatly apreciated.

22nd Jul 2002, 09:01
Magnus was once the greatest warrior in your army. The Sarafan sent him
to the Eternal Prison when he tried to put a stop to them single-
handedly. He is now a wretched beast, in constant agony.

Your fight with Magnus consists of three stages (So many of them do
hehe...), and takes place in two rooms. DURING THIS BATTLE YOU DO NOT
will receive the "Immolation" Dark Gift.

::Stage 1::

Stage 1 takes place in a circular area, with a circular pool of water
in the middle. Magnus is perched on top of a small statue in the middle
of this pool of water. Eight other statues surround the pool of water,
forming a circle around its edge.

At the start of this first stage, Magnus will immediately begin to use
his "Immolation" Dark Gift. This Dark Gift will kill you INSTANTLY.
Equip your "Telekenesis" Dark Gift, and use it on Magnus by pressing
"B" and selecting him, and then pressing "B" again. He will be knocked
off of his perch into the water below.

It's not over yet though. Magnus will jump out of the water and land
back on his perch. You will not be able to use Telekenesis before he
uses Immolation this time. You will have to hide behind one of the
statues that surround the pool of water. The statue you hide behind
will be destroyed when he uses Immolation (better than you dying). Make
sure you don't get out from behind the statue too early. Wait until you
see a YELLOW FLASH, and then rush out from behind the statue, and
immediately use Telekenesis on him. He will fall off again. When he
gets back up, hide behind a different statue. Pop out again once you
see the yellow flash and use Telekenesis on him. Repeat this until you
reach Stage 2. Once you knock Magnus off four times you will move on to
the second stage.

::Stage 2::

Both Stage 2 and Stage 3 take place in the same room. It is a large
rectangular room with a small oval platform in the middle. This
platform is elevated about ten feet above the ground floor. There is a
lot of rubble surrounding the platform. There are four statues in the
room as well. These statues look like grim reapers, and they have large

Magnus is in a rage, and he will be walking slowly around the bottom
floor of the room. If at any time you want to avoid him, jump on top of
the oval platform in the center of the room. Make sure not to take many
hits from Magnus. He will take away about one fourth of your life for
every hit he deals you. You can actually defeat Magnus by picking him
up using the "Y" button, and then pressing forward + "X" to perform a
strong attack on him. However, this only does a small amount of damage
and would take a lot longer than beating him the normal way. There is
also the danger of Magnus hitting you with a combo while you are trying
to grab him. (Thanks to CreatureCore13 for emailing me about this.)

To defeat Magnus, you need to use your Telekenesis ability to knock him
over. After he gets back up, he will turn red and charge you like a
bull. Always dodge to the left or right when he is charging you by
pressing left or right + "A".

What you have to do is stand in front of one of the four statues, and
use Telekenesis on him to get him to charge into the sickle the statue
is holding (kind of like bullfighting). When Magnus hits one of the
statues, the sickle will break, and a "Telekenesis Emblem" will be

Use Telekenesis on this emblem to activate it (it will turn upside-down
to show its activation). Try to avoid Magnus while doing this. He may
charge you while you are standing still.

Get him to charge into all four statues, and activate all four of the
Telekenesis Emblems. A cutscene will now show a large statue, holding a
staff, being created out of the rubble that was on the ground. This
statue uses the oval platform in the middle of the room as its base.
You are now at the third stage of the battle.

::Stage 3::

You now have to get Magnus to charge into the large staff the statue is
holding. Do this by standing directly in front of the staff, and then
using Telekenesis on Magnus. Dodge out of the way as soon as he comes
charging at you. It should only take ONE direct hit from Magnus to
break the staff the statue is holding. Once the staff is broken, get
Magnus to charge into the INFINITY emblem on base of the statue. After
this has been done the statue will fall on Magnus, crushing him.
(Sometimes it can take more than one hit from Magnus to destroy the
staff. Blood Omen 2 has some collision detection problems.)

22nd Jul 2002, 09:15
thanks heaps i was on the right track cool now i just have to sit down and be paitent thanks again