View Full Version : Improvised Weapons

22nd Jul 2002, 05:57
Do you think Lara will be able to pick up and use certain objects in the game environments?....

Spider-Man: The Movie, is one game that makes successful use of this game element. I've also read that in The Emperor's Tomb, Indy will be able to use improvised weapons from the game environments, such as table legs.

....I think the ability to use environmental objects as weapons would make AOD more realistic, and more fun as well. What do you think? Wouldn't it be cool if Lara could smack some bad guy with a chair?

Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly, but giant six armed statutes fall because of their gravity. :D

Kurtis Trent
22nd Jul 2002, 13:59
yeah, that would be awesome. I always hoped in the next tr game they would be able to do that.

22nd Jul 2002, 18:05
i think it would also b kool if u could throw things

22nd Jul 2002, 22:22
That'd be cool. It'd kinda be like WWF:D

23rd Jul 2002, 21:08
If thats possible, i think it will be a great change, for the better, of course!:D :cool:

23rd Jul 2002, 23:51
Maybe Chronicles was a preview of things to come. i.e., the crowbar used on the chef......

24th Jul 2002, 02:22
Yea that'd b kool. Lara can pick up a stick and throw it to distract a gaurd and sneak up and break his neck(like in the Trailer)

24th Jul 2002, 03:39
That would add alot to the game.

24th Jul 2002, 05:10
Cool make the game more interesting.

25th Jul 2002, 18:09
:( tomb raider is alreaady or woz intreasting it is still mi favirote game i hope that mabey hand 2 hand combat eg kicking or punching will b an opion if there is no avalible weapons 2 use (-: