View Full Version : Baron's Tower curently alpha testing

22nd Jul 2002, 04:48



22nd Jul 2002, 11:21
Cool! :) What's the motive here?

22nd Jul 2002, 11:36
I love that wine cellar!

22nd Jul 2002, 13:04
I guess that it must be just me
But the pictures are too dark to see
All I see is the sky
And that is no lie
<strike>In that case, I think I'll go pee</strike> :D
My monitor doesn't like me

22nd Jul 2002, 13:53
They are a bit dark for me as well, though I am not on my regular computer. Looks great though Belboz. Looking forward to playing. :)

22nd Jul 2002, 14:21
Right click on picture, copy, and paste into PSP, then change lightness.

22nd Jul 2002, 19:09
Many times others are too dark but no problem here for me. So when's beta coming up? HUH HUH HUH? LOL Thanks for the update and screenies Belboz..will be looking forward to playing it as usual ;) Ta and Good Hunting!

Thorin Oakenshield
22nd Jul 2002, 22:20
Another FM?:D
I haven't played CL yet or any new fm come to mention it. I'm waiting until my fm is finished so I don't **** it up:rolleyes:

I'll look forward to this one belboz. You and Gummie are my fav authors:cool: ;) (In no particular order:D )

27th Jul 2002, 16:28
Looks good. Can't wait! Is this a follow along to the other missions? :)

I can see the screen shots just fine. They are a bit dark but I think that is just the way it works. When I have posted pics in Ghost Reports I had to lighten them up before posting so they would show well. Screen shots never quite look like the brightness of the game itself without some editing at least from my experience. So take Zaccheus advice.

But if all you can see is the sky! Ha! Guess your monitor doesn't like ya! ;) Nice Poem Yubetcha!

1st Aug 2002, 15:27
If you need any testers call memememememe please!!!!:D

1st Aug 2002, 16:12
The screenshots looks great. I'm looking forward to play the mission :)