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22nd Jul 2002, 01:01
I have a couple of screenshots for you to look at, if you like. I did adjust the gamma on each of them in the same way, some of them might be a bit dark.

The lightning/shadowing is not seriously done so far, and I did not place the small decorative personal items yet.

I hope you like them. :)

Here is the link: http://www.lytha.com/games/thief/dromed/public/index.html

22nd Jul 2002, 02:20
Those are beautiful, Lytha! Thanks for sharing them. :)

22nd Jul 2002, 02:23
Nice job Lytha!

22nd Jul 2002, 06:07
The screenshots looks great, Lytha :)

22nd Jul 2002, 06:32
Purrrrty! I'd like to make love to the rest of this level as well ^_~

22nd Jul 2002, 07:20
Originally posted by ChangelingJane
Purrrrty! I'd like to make love to the rest of this level as well ^_~


Looking good Lytha, keep up the good work!

22nd Jul 2002, 11:46
Wow, those are truely beautyful, a work of art.

Unglaublich gut!

22nd Jul 2002, 12:35
Looking good. The main entrance is really cool. Like the design and use of color.

22nd Jul 2002, 13:08
I am glad that you like them! :)

22nd Jul 2002, 13:51
Great work Lytha. I love the green hallway and the main hall. Can you give us any details? ;)

22nd Jul 2002, 14:01
Got's to love a woman's touch to an FM.:D Those are great Lytha, any idea when it may be ready? Just curious. Keep it up, we'll be ready and waiting to play. :)

22nd Jul 2002, 16:15
I am sure it will take me a looong while to finish the mission, if I stick to my current speed. I fill the rooms with detailed architecture and the bigger objects now in an order according to their similarity, and with this kind of room (beams, coloured wallpaper), I would say that I am now maybe halfway done. But this is only one of the room types, there are other types to work with as well - and I am definitely scared by the "outside" room type/area. I'm also scared that I might run out of objects in a while, although it's far from the critical mass so far (yet)... And after this detail architecture work, lightning & ambient sounds etc are waiting. :)

Maybe I will put up more screenshots as I move along. :)

Details... hm... of the plot? You're a thief. ;) A little bit more complex, maybe, but a lot depends on whether I can make things work as I want... Well, only one detail, maybe. I have someone different in mind than Garrett (the poor fellow has been in so many missions now and stolen so much loot in total that he could definitely be able to retire in style....), but that too depends on whether I can get things to work as I want or not. :)

23rd Jul 2002, 01:02
Wow...a womans touch indeed! Very nice!
Vaulted ceilings and everything. :)

One pet peeve of mine though.....
It looks like your carpet is really thick in the screenies. How thick is it? I usually leave it flush with the floor. It looks like you used solid brusjes for carpet.....I use air brushes maybe .5 tall and set them right on the floor and only worry about texturing the bottom surface. The sound will still change when walking on it. But that's just my preference.
Please don't give my constructive critisism any more value than it's worth...which is about zilch. But you know me....If it pops into my head...I gotta say it. ;)

Keep up the great work! :)

23rd Jul 2002, 09:56
The carpets are air->solids. I made them in grid 11 (yuck, so small... I know), and I stick half of it into the floor. I think it feels nicer that way, that's the main reason for why I don't use airbrushes for them. ;) You barely notice any difference in game mode, as it's only 0.125 dromed units height difference (~2cm, I think), and the player and everyone just walk over it anyway with their dirty boots. ;)

Since it's not solids which like to make nasty stuff under the surface with the other solids, and since it's all in relatively small rooms with walls to all 4 directions, the cell complexity shouldn't be as horrible as it could get.

And yay, I <i>will</i> run out of object IDs if I continue like that. I'm already well around 600. :(

Our Newest Acolyte
23rd Jul 2002, 10:03
Is that a tiara on the statue's head?

23rd Jul 2002, 15:43
Oops...my bad. It's your last picture that caught my attention about the carpet thickness...but since you said it was only .125 units tall I went back and looked closer.

The stripe around the carpet makes it look like it's about .5 units thick from that angle. Sorry....I shoulda looked closer.

Keeper Collins
23rd Jul 2002, 17:20
Looks interesting Lytha.Can't wiat to see how it turns out!

23rd Jul 2002, 22:08
i hate making carpets, half of the time its buggy for me and i dont understand why. i made a sort of hop scotch thing last night for a room(childrens playroom) and had to use solids becuase each time i tried the air brush method and tried to texture it, it would change the entire floor.

those screen shots are nice, lytha. the hallway in one of your screens reminds me of the hallways im making in my second floor of the motel. in archtecture, not textures. the main entrance is really nice, and i know when i play it im not gonna be sneaking through there much :D

23rd Jul 2002, 23:05
Originally posted by amievil?
i hate making carpets, half of the time its buggy for me and i dont understand why. i made a sort of hop scotch thing last night for a room(childrens playroom) and had to use solids becuase each time i tried the air brush method and tried to texture it, it would change the entire floor.

What you need to do is place your air brush, portalise and change your texture. Then select the carpet brush again and click on the "to end" box in the lower left hand corner of the DromEd screen to change the terrain time. Or you might have to manually alter it in the box above - depending on how you have built your rooms.

Hope this helps. :)

24th Jul 2002, 23:34
screenies do look very nice indeed :) I especially like your Entrance pic...it looks very unique in color and style...but of course the other rooms look really nice as well :) Hope we'll get to see it's completion in the not too distant future...maybe as a Christmas present? LOL...you just take whatever time you need as we all try to explain to our FM makers...just build it and we'll be here to play it :) Ta and Good Hunting!

25th Jul 2002, 00:48
Thank you! :)

My Prae-alpha Tester Mouser told me that the screenshots are definitely too dark. Usually, he just complains about the items that I dump in unfinished spots of the mission so that I recall what this room was supposed to be for (<i>"there is a flying book in a completely empty room, and I can't read it"</i>), but in this case I think he had definitely a good point.

I increased the alpha level of all of the screenshots another bit and will use this terribly brightening alpha level from now on for the screenshots that I take. So, no new ones yet, but the old ones look brighter now. ;)

Christmas sounds like a reasonable time schedule, but I will not say it is done then - I enjoy building this thing, it has so much of a Sim (build up something cute and fluffy), and now the seriously tedious part of the architecture detailwork should be done! yay! Not that the other areas will be faster done, but the extreme texture aligning should be more or less done. :D

25th Jul 2002, 10:16
Hi Lytha and others who may know ...,

I had some problems to brighten my panoshots/screenshots, and when I seen your bright but clear screenshots without any greyisch fog I've seen on others screenies, I'd like to ask you a little, how you brightened them:

Gamma correction in Thief doesn't change brightness of F10-creenshots, so far I know. Have you a workaround for this, like capturing with a captruring software (IrfanViw, SangIt ...) or did you afterwoods change gamma with software?

Alpha, so far I know, is a thing of transparency. How can this brighten your picture? Did you make the screenshot more transparent with a white background?

Regarding the process, I suppose you converted PCX to a format with alpha channels (PSD, PNG, TIF ...) and then converted to JPG, right? Or you didn't save the alpha at all.

25th Jul 2002, 11:33
Hi blackrat,

Gamma ingame seems to have no effect on the brightness of the screenshot. I will sum up what I did with these.

Thief dumps the screenshot into the Thief directory as "dump000.pcx", "dump001.pcx" etc. They are in the resolution you're playing Thief (800x600 or whatever).

I open these files with my graphic program (it's Ulead Photoimpact what I am using for this, but I am sure the other programs work just the same in this matter).

Now if I click on the "modify brightness/contrast" button, it has there places to adjust the brightness, the contrast, and the (oops, called it "alpha" earlier, now I see that I am wrong. Sorry about this confusion, I guess I've been messing around too much with the alpha (transparency) of some spiders recently... :o ) <b>gamma</b>.

Well, I just set the gamma from 1.0 to 2.0 (1.8 gave too dark screenshots according to my Mouser), then I make the image 640x480, and then I save it as a .jpg.

Messing around with the *goes to check* <b>gamma</b> should make the screenshots as it looks like ingame, while messing around with Brightness&Contrast itself will screw up the colours a bit (or a lot, in dark areas).

25th Jul 2002, 12:12
Originally posted by Lytha

And yay, I <i>will</i> run out of object IDs if I continue like that. I'm already well around 600. :(

Lytha, in case you don't know, you can increase the Max objects IDs by typing this in the command box: resize_obj_id_space

Don't go mad though as it'll have an negative effect on your FMs performance if you increase it too high!

26th Jul 2002, 06:13
Thanks Lytha,

I used an old version of Photoshop, with didn't had Gamma correction. I changed brightness and had the problem that when I brightened to much, the screenshot greyed out.

Yesterday I tried Gamma 1.8 (with SnagIt and IrfanView), and you can enjoy my result from "The Keepers are Thirsty"
Click on Thief 2 FM Spoilers (http://www.angelfire.com/games4/blackrat/media/scr/index.html) (220k, a lever can be seen)

I will stay to this value in my coming PSs


29th Jul 2002, 05:06
Wow, I didn't know you were doing dromed. Very nice! That's one beautiful house that I really would like to rob from. :)

29th Jul 2002, 12:17
Lytha - If you are having problems making your screenies bright and keeping them clean looking, try Irfanview (http://www.irfanview.com), it's free and so simple. Just load up your screenie and gamma correct. Sometimes particularly dark shots can look a little fuzzy and pixilated when brightened too much, and fog is a little tricky to keep good, but other than that you really can't go wrong.

For the clearest resaults, I have found it best to gamma, then drop the screen depth to 256 (for 56k users) and resize last.

29th Jul 2002, 15:13
Thanks for the tip, Gumdrop... but I did not realize that the quality of the screenshots was so bad? Are they so bad? Then I should definitely get a new monitor, as I thought I had them relatively okay looking now, and it can't be my glasses.

The 8bit conversion is a good idea though for sure. :)

Thanks Sharga. ;) I've been a bit in a "blah" phase recently after the "pretty parts" of the mansion are done. Used it to make some skins and special effects... It will definitely take a while until I am done. Especially one particular area is mean and needs some blockables or so.

29th Jul 2002, 18:29
I know how you feel. There are always those parts of a mission that I don't want to make but I know I have to make so I put them off and do other things. ;)
You can make some very beautiful floor designs with a bunch of blockable wedges.

30th Jul 2002, 00:14
Originally posted by Lytha
...I did not realize that the quality of the screenshots was so bad? Are they so bad?

Not at all. I just copied what I previously wrote when replying to Changeling Jane's question in another thread. Sorry. I should have edited it further.