View Full Version : Signature Image redirecting...Just in case you miss it in the other thread

Umah Bloodomen
21st Jul 2002, 23:33
**chuckles at Willow*** Looks like Zaphod revealed your little secret over on the OT forum. LoL. ;)

Anyways, for all of you in desperate need to re-host your signature images you can do it through angelfire and (I would assume) geocities. (Or other free providers)

Here's how to do it:

1. Create an account (if you don't have one already)
2. Upload the original image file (.jpg/.gif/.png etc.)
3. Once uploaded, rename the image to a text file


sig3.jpg - sig3.txt

4. Link the file into your signature as you would normally, only with the new address and the changed extension.

My compliments to the talented Willow for revealing this fancy tidbit to me. (Eventhough it was SUPPOSED to be a secret). :p

22nd Jul 2002, 08:34
*grumbles because he doesn't like sharing... because he's greedy*

22nd Jul 2002, 09:07
ok who has made a site only for this purpose? i don`t wanna sign up for a new site and get flooded with pop-ups/spam

Umah Bloodomen
22nd Jul 2002, 09:18
So don't subscribe to anything when signing up. I don't get any spam and my sig is hosted just fine.

Apocrypha Roxy
22nd Jul 2002, 21:31
Finally, AOL decided to play nice, and my homepage is behaving nicely. I can host all of your sigs, I don't mind. If you, at any other time, decide to move it to your own page, then you are free to do so.

So... Any sigs needed? ;)

22nd Jul 2002, 23:41
yes please! please host mine.