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21st Jul 2002, 21:05
Just a quickie. :)

Is it at all possible to change the sound that triggers when a secret is found?

21st Jul 2002, 21:09
Of course it is, use the override method(you know about the override method, right?).

If you want it different for only one secret then we'll have to figure something else out.

21st Jul 2002, 21:10
there was a discussin about this at TTLG I believe, months ago.

I don't know if anyone had the answer, I couldn't figure out which sound it was. I think it has to do with scripts in which case GayleSaver could probably hook you up.

22nd Jul 2002, 13:57
Override method? You mean like altering the sound effect of a door etc...? I was hoping it might be as easy as that, but I can't find anything relevant.

Thanks for the tip Schwaa, I'll go do a search.

22nd Jul 2002, 14:08
There got to be a .wav file that plays the secret sound. If you call your custom .wav exactly like the original and dump it into the right place, it overrides the original (if the data format is right, and you're not me and there is no graphic program involved, uhm...) - (That's Salvage's override method :) )

But... no idea what the name of this wav might be. A good guess is though that is might not be in the speech files of the AI. ;)

Maybe you can find it in one of the schemafiles, where the sound effects are specified.

22nd Jul 2002, 18:20

you're welcome :D

23rd Jul 2002, 23:20
Yep. I found it alright. Just not quite sure how to paint it a different colour yet...Or rather what tools I need to use to apply my new coat to the wall. ;)