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21st Jul 2002, 18:01
Okay, while people were replying to my other post (thanks again!) I decided to see KOTP. I'm in the second mission (third really counting the briefing) and I'm in the warehouse. Where do I go? I either have to go backwards from where I am, or I'm stuck. Also, this was very interesting to find atleast 4 dead people who all have the same vial next to them. One of them claimed (in writing) that he would become a zombie because of poisoning (according to a doctor), which is Garrett's problem too. Are the dead people supposed to come a live (because none of them are) and if not, am I guessing somewhat right that a doctor is not telling the whole truth? And one more thing: Do I need to backtrack to find the pocket watch? I still don't have it and it would be nice to have one.
PS One more thing, I'm also in the middle of playing Waterlogged, but I'm stuck in the sewers and I've seen the Keeper and his *ahem* nutty little book, but that led to a dead end (pun not intended), so where do I go? I'm going in circles mostly.

21st Jul 2002, 22:23
You need to get to the "other side" of the mission so to speak. In the warehouse area you will see a patroling archer walking a ledge. By crate stacking you can get up there and to the rest of the mission map where you will find the pocket watch. You have to find it 'cause it's a mission objective. You can also get to the "other side" through the gate in the town square with the clock tower. If you hide in the shadow to the left of the gate someone will come through sooner or later and open it allowing you passage. With this method you may or may not get spotted in the process but that's easy enough to deal with as long as your not trying to ghost. There is a third way to the "other side" of the mission but it's an Easter egg so I won't go into that here. There may be another way but I've yet to find one.

BTW, I'm the voice of Garrett and a few others. Good luck and happy taffing.


21st Jul 2002, 22:55
I seemed to have missed the town square somehow, I don't ever remember the clocktower. Did I screw up? And I got into the mortician's desk, but I didn't find a pocket watch, and I know there's more to the house than just the waiting room (?), big room, piano room, storage room, and office, because the mortician was up on the balcony. And one more thing- Was it smart to read the book in the storage room, because I know many people hook events onto reading a book (for example Necromancer's book, the little [CENSORED]) and should I read the book in the waiting room or is that a waste of time? Because I want to get out of the motician's place ASAP because the frame-rate is really not making me happy. Summary: 1) How did I miss the clocktower? 2) Where's the watch? 3) Was it smart to read that book, will it be smart to read the other one?

22nd Jul 2002, 00:58
The watch is in the morticians bedroom upstairs. A few other things are up there as well but that's the main thing.

The town square is south of the morticians. You will have to cross the river ice. Go out the front door turn right and go around back and find a path across the ice.

Read everthing you find. Reading does not count against the time limit. If you are playing on normal you should have plenty of time so relax. If you have a half hour left you are in good shape.


22nd Jul 2002, 02:02
Okay, I got the pocket watch (I didn't realize there were stairs). I also grabbed the Holy Water next to the candle and ran back to a shadow when I realized the guy was undead. And I grabbed Julie (the doll) and found out she's a key (sort of) and I couldn't drop her, so I thought, "Okay, I'll keep her". I hear a conversation upstairs (how did I here one, no one was nearby, can someone explain), and then I here these scratching sounds next to a metal door and I think, "Zombie breakout, better leave" so I go down the stairs part way thinking, "Hmmm, I haven't met the gaurds lately," so I rush out go across the river up the hill, notice the zombie, and hide under the overhang thing. I knock out a lady (I can't tell if she's old or if she's a zombie, coz the zombie didn't notice her) and throw her down the hill. Then I watch some ghost keeper dude walk down the hill. I look up the hill again (because I here the zombie) and I figure out what happened to the gaurds. They're laying next to each other on the ground. I look up and see the Cathedral's top. So my question is: With only about 45 minutes left, where is the "evidence or whose trying to kill" me, and how far do I need to go past the big metal doors to finish the level?

22nd Jul 2002, 11:32
Those really big doors never open. The town square is in the other side of the wall if I read your description of events correctly. Find a gate adjacent to a wooden door of the law office of Franticius. Franticius was Master Soloustice's 2nd so to speak. Soloustius meant to leave everthing to Garrett, a thief and heritic. Now who in this story might take exception to this? Because you have not yet been to the town square and the lawyers offfice you are missing some key reading material and a few key conversations. Get to the square and explore all around and it will all fall into place. 45 minutes is more than enough time. Just watch your step 'cause things are going to get dangerous really soon if they haven't already. Fire and Holy Water are good things to have right about now. :eek:

22nd Jul 2002, 19:23
Okay, I have about 13 minutes left and I'm in the lawyer's office (read/done everything). I spent half an hour killing off zombies (3) from a ledge above (found a health potion, which is good because I'll need one soon. I know there's a guard (who will probably be dead sooner or later, with or without my help) and a dead haunt-like guy. Where do I go? I have the gate key, but I don't know where to go. I have an earlier save, so do I need to go back to get more time?

22nd Jul 2002, 20:04
You just need to go out the Lawyer's office door, through the gate that is very close by (I think it opens with a lever on the wall) and you'll be in the town square. The Cathedral is straight ahead on your left. Use the key to open the gates and go through. You have plenty of time. :)

22nd Jul 2002, 20:10
Alright then, that's good. I've seen zombies walk out of there, so I'll just run like #3// if I see any, because I don't want to take the time to kill them (ofcourse, if I see a haunt-like person, I might have to stop for them, because I doubt I'd out run them). Thanks everyone! Thanks a lot for your help! After I end it, I'll play again and find all the secrets/goodies ect. Thanks again!