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21st Jul 2002, 16:16
Which Resident Evil should I get? I missed out on resident evil 2 and 3.

Also, should I get Resident Evil Code Veronica for dreamcast or PS2. I know the PS2 version has more cutscenes, but that does not really matter to me.

21st Jul 2002, 21:04
I'm told that RE2 was the best game of the series before Code: Veronica. RE3 was good, but didn't really do anything to advance the story.

If you don't care about added video, it's really a toss-up over the PS2 and DreamCast versions of Code: Veronica. Other differences are graphical, but you'd hardly notice.

Les Effant Terrible
21st Jul 2002, 21:45
Yeah, I agree with TDC. Resident Evil 2 is my favorite. I rented Code Veronica a while back, but only got through the first part of the submarine. (it's near the beginning) I think RE is a good series, but I like Dino Crisis alot too. I don't like the 2nd one that much, but the firts one is easy enough and cool.

21st Jul 2002, 21:49
Originally posted by Les Effant Terrible
Yeah, I agree with TDC. Resident Evil 2 is my favorite. I rented Code Veronica a while back, but only got through the first part of the submarine. (it's near the beginning) I think RE is a good series, but I like Dino Crisis alot too. I don't like the 2nd one that much, but the firts one is easy enough and cool.

I got to the summarine part too, I got to the part were the elevator thing comes up and all these zombies are on it and I need to get on it cause there is some item I need. But I was low on bullets and health and I kept dying. I also played it on Dreamcast.

The Sage Of Time
21st Jul 2002, 22:51
RE:CV was great, the story was the best of the series, and the gameplay was pretty action packed.
Oh and if you can manage to get RE:CV Complete for the DC then you wont miss out on any extra scenes.
The only thing the PS2 can offer you is the DVD of Weskers Report, besides that you can get it all on DC.
I also liked RE2 and RE3, they both take place at once in case you didn't know,
so it doesn't matter which you play first.

21st Jul 2002, 23:58
I have actually played Resident Evil 3 and 2. Just have not beat them. I am going to go with Resident Evil 2 because it is more into story, takes about 6 hours to complete, and is not very hard. Resident Evil 3 is more of a side story that takes place before and after Resident evil 2. I got lots of info today by searching reviews and articles found in magazines and websites. Resident Evil 2 got better reviews than Resident Evil 3. I am also not really interested in Resident Evil 3 since it is a side story that mainly focuses on the same thing as Resident Evil 2. Once I buy Resident Evil 2 and beat it, I am going to buy Resident Evil Code Veronica. Resident Evil Code Veronica takes place right after Resident Evil 2, so I don't have to worry about a side story. Then after that I am going to have to wait for Resident Evil Online :D

Also, were can I find Resident Evil Code Veronica complete for dreamcast, the reason I want it for dreamcast is because the dreamcast games are cheaper now that sega quit making hardware. Is the game a import? If it is a import I will need the Europe version since I can not read Japanese. Also is the weskers report in Resident Evil Code Veronica X worth it?

22nd Jul 2002, 07:22
Don't forget you can play RE2 through twice, as two different characters.
Lots of hidden stuff to look for, too.

The Sage Of Time
22nd Jul 2002, 08:52
I'm not sure where you can buy RE:CV complete, I never bothered looking to be honest..
As for is the report worth it.. No.. I watched it and it wasn't anything wonderous, not in the least.
It gave very little new information, and was mostly scenes from all the past games.

22nd Jul 2002, 15:33
I have completed RE2, it’s a great game and I would definitely recommend it. When I realised you have to play it twice as two different characters I thought it would get boring, but it was quite the opposite, as DaveJ said. Also how you play each game affects how the game goes for the other character. It’s interesting to see how the two stories come together.

22nd Jul 2002, 16:54
I was thinking of getting it for PC, but in reviews I heard that the playstation version looks better. The PSX version is of course not has smooth as the PC version, but the PC pics I looked at the prerended backgrounds were all light and grainy. But having all the mini games from the start is nice. Another problem is I have Windows XP and there is a big chance it won't work. I was thinking about getting it for dreamcast because I heard its the same thing has the PC with all the mini games from the start. Hopefully it doesn't have bad prerendered backdrops.

Les Effant Terrible
22nd Jul 2002, 23:52
I just got RE:CV today for 20$. But yeah, there's come really cool secrets on RE2. For instance, if you play Claire, at the beginning, don't acquire any thing. Don't pick up any bullets, 1st aid, or the cross bow or whatever it is the fat guy has, when he dies. If you don't pick up anything and go to the police station, instead of going through the little courtyard, go down the stairs. When you do there will be a zombie there, I think called Bruce. It had a different outfit on than the rest and it take about twenty shots to kill the guy. If you shoot him for a while his arms fall off and stuff like that. Also another secret is, in one room when you play Leon. There's a certain camera that focuses on him. I don't know what room it is, but if you get you're shotgun and shoot at the camera, the screen will actually crack. Weird huh? When I was a little kid, my dad bought RE for himself and hid it from me. When I found out about it I watched him play and had nightmares for a while. Then I got strategy guides and read them to him while he was playing and eventually started playing myself. Now (about 7 years later) my dad forgot how to pretty much play the game and I'm the master of RE. I know pretty much everything there is to know about RE2 for Claire. Not to brag. :rolleyes:

23rd Jul 2002, 00:01
QUOTE]I'm the master of RE[/QUOTE]

If you are th master than why did you call Brad Vickers Bruce?[;)

its actually brad vickers from the first resident evil game. :)

I know that part because I tried it before. :D

23rd Jul 2002, 07:32
You also have the locker with a change of clothes, too....

23rd Jul 2002, 15:58
yup, don't you love the cowgirl outfit for claire.