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21st Jul 2002, 14:32
Q. My game keeps crashing! HELP!
A. Check here (http://www.eidosinteractive.com/support/search.html?gmid=118) for official Eidos answers to all currently-known crashes and hardware conflicts.

Q. When is Hitman 2 coming out?
A. It's out. Now go buy it.

Q. Is there a demo yet? Will there be a demo?
A. We don't know. No word has been said about a demo. It would surprise me if they didn't release one, but they haven't yet.

Q. Will it work with WindowsXP?
A. Yes. According to official word, Hitman2 will work with Win98, WinME, Win2Kand WinXP. You will need a graphics card that can handle DirectX 8.1 (I believe). A version of DirectX 8.1 will probably ship with the game (as it does with every single other game in the world) If you're worried - don't be. Since the last game required DirectX 8.0, and every card made since early 2000 supports 8.1, you'll probably be able to play it.

Q. Will it be released on anything besides the PC?
A. Yes. It will also be released for the PlayStation2 and the XBox.

Q. Will I be able to play Hitman2 if I don't have a scrollwheel on my mouse?
A. You will be able to remap any function key, so if you don't have a wheelmouse, you shouldn't lose any functionality. However, why don't you have a wheelmouse? They're like $10, and they make every single Windows-based program much, much better. Go get one.

Q. Will there be in-mission saves?
A. Yes. Depending on the difficulty level, you'll have a certain number of in-mission saves for each mission.

Q. I hate that "second-person" behind-the-character's-back camera angle. Will this game be the same way?
A. In Hitman2 you will have the option to play in either "second-" or true "first-person" modes, and (I believe) toggle between them during a mission.

Q. Will all the weapons from Hitman be back?
A. Yes, and more. Go here (http://www.hitman2.com/content/weapons.htm) for more info.

Q. What type of missions will Hitman 2 have?
A. Previews (as well as the new game's title) have suggested that there will be more of an emphasis on stealth-capable missions, and more missions that can accomodate either stealth play or gunfights. For instance, the designers have indicated that the "Rambo"-style missions of the Jungle Druglord will not be coming back.

That's all for now. Please send me Q&A suggestions via PM or email.