View Full Version : A Night's Stroll

21st Jul 2002, 14:31
Hey all. I started this one yesterday and havnt had too many troubles. Ive enjoyed it thouroughly. I'm stuck near the end. I walked in to the pub and happily walked into the little trap that was waiting. Now, foolish me, I saved it while in there. I see all the blue coats on the other side of the gate, and start dropping them with the few arrows I have. After I've dropped all but three, I can see a button on the far wall. I figure thats my escape. I save here, to ensure that if I miss, I can reload and try again. I aim, and shoot. I hit the button but nothing happened. Am I doomed to start from scratch? Or is there a way out I dont see?

21st Jul 2002, 15:35
Hello Specter,

There is no way out of the pub, it's a trap. The button on the wall is used from a Cop to close the gate when you go in. And it can only be used one time. When all your objectives are complete the mission will end here, because it's the second part of the series, part 3 is Escape! ;) So, go only in the pub, when you are ready. :)

21st Jul 2002, 18:33
Thanks for your reply. I knew I was supposed to go in there, but I didnt realize I was supposed to only after all my objectives had been completed. Oh well, I guess I have to go get 'escape.' Im looking forward to it.