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21st Jul 2002, 09:52
http://www.when-its-done.de/apboard/smilies/darksky/biggringift.gif Happy Birthday Huntress!http://www.when-its-done.de/apboard/smilies/extra/birthday.gif

and many, many more and allways good hunting !!!

21st Jul 2002, 10:52
<font color="red"><h1>Happy</h1></font>
<font color="green"><h1>Birthday</h1></font>

Tin Star
21st Jul 2002, 10:56
Hope you have a great birthday and that you get everything you have wished for.Now go out and paint the town red and have fun:) .

Tin Star

21st Jul 2002, 11:21

<small> This is the first birthday post I've seen that doesn't move around the screen. </small>

21st Jul 2002, 12:39

Have a terrific day.


21st Jul 2002, 13:42
Happy birthday, lovely lady, and very best wishes. You know you're an inspiration to us all, right? I am 'looking at the big 4-0' myself, but Huntress and theBlackman let us know that we can keep playing and enjoying games (gasp) even when we get over 40! I promise I *will* get back into UT quite soon..., especially now the Thievery server is up!


21st Jul 2002, 14:15
Happy Birthday Huntress!! :)

...and good hunting. ;) :p

21st Jul 2002, 15:26
Hope you birthday was a great day and that you got what you were hunting for. Happy birthday!

21st Jul 2002, 15:57
Hope you birthday was a great day and that you got what you were hunting for. Happy birthday!
Let me second that!! :)

21st Jul 2002, 18:52
Good Hunting to you on your special day. Hope it's a grand one. :)

21st Jul 2002, 19:08
my profile sometime or other...LOL Yes, todays the day I officially qualify for good ole Medicare bennies... :eek:..isn't that awful! :( So guess I'll have to hurry and play all these games hanging around my desk before I get "TOO OLD" to play them..LOL :D

Thank you one and all for your good wishes and appreciated :) My day will be quiet as per usual with no special plans in view. Maybe I might break open a bottle of Dom Pierre I still have in my frig and just wish I could share a glass with you all ! :) So here's to some of the nicest people I have come to know a little and may your day be fruitful with many treasures to put in your "loot" bag! Ta and Good Hunting!

21st Jul 2002, 20:05
Huntress: In honor of your birthday, the Ted E. Bear Trio performs their world famous happy birthday dance.

http://www1.iastate.edu/~wsthune/cps/ted/teddance.gif http://www1.iastate.edu/~wsthune/cps/ted/teddance.gif http://www1.iastate.edu/~wsthune/cps/ted/teddance.gif

21st Jul 2002, 20:20
Being as there is no "NEW" Thief, I will just have to say Happy Happy, and will be unable to add to your Thief collection this time.

Your friend, with best wishes and thanks.

21st Jul 2002, 20:29
Hope you manage to catch something nice for your birthday Huntress...maybe tall, dark and handsome? ;)

21st Jul 2002, 20:44
Happy Birthday Huntress, have a good one:)

21st Jul 2002, 21:28
Happy Birthday, Huntress. I hope it's a great day.

21st Jul 2002, 21:29
Happy Birthday, Huntress. I hope you have a year as wonderful as you deserve (& that's very wonderful)!!!

21st Jul 2002, 22:16
Happy Birthday Huntress! Hope you have a wonderful day! :)

21st Jul 2002, 23:11
to the Taffers that came in later :) It's very nice to have you all come in for a visit to extend to me your greetings :) I'll lift my glass to you as well!

Hah, theBlackman, you should have added "yet" LOL Maybe by next years celebration...Thief III will be on the shelves :D heh heh...

Later and Good Hunting!

22nd Jul 2002, 01:26
Sorry I'm late....I've been battling Turning the Tables, and losing up till now. Happy Birthday, Huntresss ! :)

22nd Jul 2002, 06:40
Sorry for being late to the party, but that's the story of my life.... Happy Birthday, Huntress!

Squid & LochNessa

22nd Jul 2002, 07:04
I wish you a happy Birthday Huntress, wow 21 again eh?

Whatz His Name
22nd Jul 2002, 12:32
I hope you had a great birthday. I always give the birthday people a dancing girl or guy, so here ya go.


22nd Jul 2002, 17:11
Happy Belated Birthday, Huntress!! :)

Northren raises his glass to Huntress.

Here's to never being too old to play! Cheers! :D

22nd Jul 2002, 17:57
Always a day or two behind, but Happy Birthday :D

22nd Jul 2002, 19:01
Thanks to you six as well for making my day after party :) Just to bring you updated...my Son, David, called last night and said they tried to call earlier but my puter time got in the way. So a proposal for next Sat. is in the plans for us all to go down to Santa Cruz and the Boardwalk/beach and have some fun there. So guess I'll be celebrating a week later...better late than never again, right? LOL So that's it for now and have a good Taffin day with some Good Hunting thrown in! :)

23rd Jul 2002, 04:50
Aw, who wants just one day for their birthday? Let's just stretch it out some more!

H A P P Y...B I R T H D A Y... H U N T R E S S...!!!

:D YeeHaw!!!! :D

Vesper ...who is looking forward to joining AARP herself this year, so she can reap all those bennies.

23rd Jul 2002, 06:31
I've asked LeatherMan about letting in a new friend of mine though he's not a Thief player but he's heavy into Doom and making a mod (half done) for it. He'll be joining us at times for some UT play and trying to also get him interested into Thievery. His screenie is Lightning_Hunter and is 18...

With his help...I got the package to play jDoom from him via AIM download... :) 26mgs and took awhile...so we had quite a chat and seems to really be a nice kid. I met him originally through the BBS for ONP...the mod for SP to UT using Unreal files, etc. and saw his reference to Doom, etc. and checked out his Webbie. It's pretty good and is going to make a review of all SP games relating to Doom mods, if I remember correctly, something like that. So he has LeatherMan's blessing to play with us whenever :)

I got on for a little tonight but just to get his new server IP in place etc. I even won the match...hee hee :D Ta and Good Hunting!

24th Jul 2002, 00:16
Please forgive me Huntress (I know you will:D) and a very happy belated birthday to another soul sister.....

My gift to you is this beautiful site.. It reminds me of your wonderful outlook and I know you will enjoying surfing there....


Have a great time on the boardwalk in Santa Cruz.. I love the carousel;)


24th Jul 2002, 02:28
and I have the page bookmarked to look into it further later on. I read the opening page and it has some interesting ideas to offer for further exploration as to what/how their philosophies are implemented into this webbie? Glad you could make it to my quiet celebration anyhow...always glad to see ya :) and I love rollercosters :D Ta and Good Hunting!

24th Jul 2002, 04:06
Sorry I'm late Huntress.

Happy Birthday Huntress

http://www.uniquehardware.co.uk/server-smilies/otn/party/hb2.gif http://www.uniquehardware.co.uk/server-smilies/otn/party/partytime.gif:D

24th Jul 2002, 04:16
I am gonna crash this party and say Happy Birthday, Huntress!

24th Jul 2002, 06:30
and have a little howdy doo :) Funny but I don't feel any different yet...maybe next year? LOL or the year after??? Just give me my Motrin every once in awhile and I'll be fine :D Ta and Good Hunting!

Keeper Collins
25th Jul 2002, 23:58
HappyBirth day Huntress!

27th Jul 2002, 00:55
Happy Birthday Huntress! :)

Hope ya get a bunch of Knockouts for your Bday! And anything else ya want too. :)