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21st Jul 2002, 00:29
Ahem... I suppose you all are wondering what Lara Croft is doing here. As explained by the web mistress of "Lara In Pieces", she is, *um*, pushing on nothing. Man, it looks like that can be grueling work, pushing a block made out of air...

Here, we see Lara's snarl up close... Really, really up close... That crow in the background doesn't stand a chance...

LOL. To see theses and other hilarious, weird screenshots of the Tomb Raider games in action check out: http://larainpieces.refractor.net/index.html


21st Jul 2002, 00:52

21st Jul 2002, 01:02
Stella's site pointed that site out for me a while ago.

Quite entertaining. Wonder what those people have to go through to get those shots.

I have one of my own:


21st Jul 2002, 01:30
I have a few. But unfortunately, I lost them all on my own computer :( LOL I like that one you made, LarzBritish. She's like "It's a tornader!!"

21st Jul 2002, 01:31
LOL LarzBritsh! What the heck happened there?? :D
I bet by now a lot of the Tomb Raider fans have seen that site. But still, I thought it should be brought up, it's really a gem. I have a few screenshots too... Some involving Lara's head getting stuck in the ceiling of the "Lost Valley" level in TR, perhaps I should put them up some day?

21st Jul 2002, 07:41
hehe, lock up those bad guys :D

And Larzbritsh, how did you get a picture like that??? :confused:

21st Jul 2002, 13:01
Thanks for that "funny pictures-site" ... it was very, very funny to look at! :D :cool: :) ;)

21st Jul 2002, 18:33
On that site that Jadetale pointed out, there is a link to "The Many Deaths of Lara", screenshots are not as funny, but entertaining.

Here are more: http://www.geocities.com/larasstar/pics/crazyscreenshots/index.htm

On that are impossible screenshots, that could have only been externally altered to look the way they do. Enjoy!