View Full Version : Mystery sniper on roof killing targets/civilians near pool?

20th Dec 2016, 19:55

I tried to search for it everywhere but found nothing. I'm curious about this strange sniper who appears mysteriously during game play on a building roof towards the right hiding behind a chimney like structure and kills any person (target/security personnel/civilian) who is on the farther side of the pool on right. He is not there when the level starts in Montenegro but during the middle of mission I see this laser beam and anyone at that location gets sniped automatically. Seems like I do not have any control of that. Can someone help me here in understanding what's happening?


19th Jan 2017, 23:35
That's Tuulia Hernandez, who is there to kill Dimitri Lefkos. She appears right at the beginning of the mission. In this video of mine, you can see where (it's the first kill right at the beginning of the video).