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20th Dec 2016, 18:11
Hi guys. Does anybody know if Nathan McCree's project - 'Tomb Raider Suite' is going to be released as a CD or used in the next title? I have heard people say it was really great from the premiere and Nathan's TR work is in a completely different league to the soundtracks of the recent games. I'd would love to get the chance to hear the suite and hope there is some way that Nathan might be commissioned do some more work on the series.

20th Dec 2016, 19:16
Nathan tweeted that a CD will be made next year.

21st Dec 2016, 12:01
I really miss Nathan's music as it was just perfectly the sound of TR. Is ironic that I can remember many of his tunes from 20 years ago but can't remember anything from the music of Rise despite playing it only weeks ago. I am looking forward to the CD release and Crystal should certainly try and get him back to do another game.

6th Jan 2017, 11:33
Tomb Raider Suite is one of the best things in our whole series in years. It is just fantastic and I just hope there can be some more projects between Nathan and Crystal. This is so far beyond the music of the last few titles that he just has to come back to work on TR. Let me play the games and get goosebumps again.

11th Jan 2017, 14:02
The Tomb Raider Suite gives me goosebumps. Nathan absolutely smashed it with this one and it would be the perfect soundtrack if CD use it as the music for the next game.

21st Jan 2017, 22:11
There is plans for a CD a some point this year and I really can't wait for that. Tomb Raider suite is so incredible that crystal would have missed a huge track if they don't get him back. I mean imagine something similar to the challenge tombs of Rise but getting to solve the puzzles to the backdrop of some of Tomb Raider Suite. Imagine fighting a bear or a pack of wolves to the 'T-Rex' theme or 'Time to Run'. The music of Rise wasn't bad as such but it needs those big themes and Nathan is the person that could bring it and give our series music that feels unique to our series and puts real emotion in there. Whatever all the politics are if the community could help get Nathan and CD working together on TR's music it would be a big win.

28th Jan 2017, 11:34
Nathan has done the best job with the suite. Can't wait to get the CD.