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20th Jul 2002, 14:58
Hi to all, I have Lupin in the room with Natasha and she told Lupin that she would call the General and for him to take some keys and do something. Any help on how all this is going to work out. Thank you in advance. Smokeyjoe

20th Jul 2002, 15:51
Well first take the pills from the shelf and then go to the house were is soldiers eating put pills to the box and wait that they sleep then took the keys from generals adjuntant and go to give them to Lupin then get the Lupin to the generals office and put him to stand against the wall so that when the door opens the general cant see him you can call the general out from his office when you use the phone in another house(use notebook to see where).when general has leaved wait that the second offiser cant see you and took the enigma machine out from the locker and hide under the junks what are near the dogs.
hope this helps.:cool:

Red Mage
21st Jul 2002, 01:01
Hi, Smokeyjoe

Did you know if you have a question on Commandos 2 you can still ask in your last Topic and you will still get answer by other members in this forum, it's a bit confusing when having to many topics just for a question, all tought you have very good topics.

21st Jul 2002, 19:30
:eek: Hi to all I need a little help please, I have Lupin and Natasha

together in the same room. I have sent Natasha out of the room to get the pills and then I sent her to the building where the men are having dinner. She is now in the room with the men and the bottle of pills, however the pill bottle has the red strip over it. So how and who gets the pills.

Also I need to know where the power cut off is located and if Lupin is the one to cut the power. I know I am asking alot about the two of them but is is very dark and it is hard to see what to do and where. I thank you in advance. Smokeyjoe

21st Jul 2002, 19:44
Use F10 to highlight the wine box, then shift click on it and drag the pills in the box. The power cut off is in the building where Natasha is, use the objective book to find the exact location.

P.S. next time keep questions about the same mission in one thread & post C2 related questions in this forum.

Mack the Knife
21st Jul 2002, 20:03
keep questions about the same mission in one thread
or mow a few more lawns and spend the 15 bucks on this, it's well worth it...