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20th Jul 2002, 14:26
Does anyone have the contact information (email, phone number, etc) for Crystal Dynamics? I would be interested in obtaining employment with them but they have no visible presence (like a website) on the internet that I have been able to find. I tried emailing Chris@Crystal about this but I never heard back.

Just to clarify, I am not just some kid with a few ideas; I am primarily interested in a programming position.

Anyway, if anyone knows the contact information for someone inside Crystal Dynamics or ideally the human resources department, I would greatly appreciate it.

20th Jul 2002, 15:38
i honestly have no idea.

try contacting RedLegg and/or Grey Mouser

they might help you further.

20th Jul 2002, 17:48
The closest I would be able to get is the mailing address given in your instruction manual for one of the games. I really wish I could help you further. I'd like to apply for a job with CD myself... but I think I'll wait until I get my degree first (masters/illustration). As of right now it's just a dream for me.

But I wish you the best. Here’s hoping we see your name in the credits one day.

20th Jul 2002, 18:01
You'll have to forgive me, I dont usually frequent the official forums for games I am interested in. I have spent a lot of time reading the ones at nosgoth.net though. Who are these two people you mentioned? And if I was to contact them would you recommend a personal message or email?

20th Jul 2002, 18:29
they are the admin...they will know how to go about contacting chris...u can either email them...by clicking on either of thier names when it is highlighted(eg in the main eidos forum page)...or pm them, by making them your buddy...

to make some one your buddy...find a post of theirs, and click near the bottom on buddy.

22nd Jul 2002, 22:36
Hello JimZero,
I do not remember getting an e-mail from you, but here is the info you requested:
Crystal Dynamics
64 Willow Place
Menlo Park, CA 94025-3691
Main Phone number 650-473-3400

This is my e-mail address if you want it:
I'd be happy to pass your resume on to Human Resources.
If you have other questions, or I can help out further, let me know.
Crystal Dynamics

23rd Jul 2002, 04:46
Thanks Chris, when I tried to email you it made me use the forum page to send it so I wouldn't be surprized if it got lost along the way or wasn't sent due to a timeout or something.