View Full Version : Kidnappin Cavador

Clark W Griswald
20th Jul 2002, 12:25
I'm on the mission where you make your way through the nine different sites and kidnap Cavador. I made it to the exit with him, but haven't been able to locate the New Scripture entry.

On top of that, I have no healing, 1 health left, no water arrows, no broad head arrows. Feeling very tired and scared.:cool:

20th Jul 2002, 17:40
With no inventory and no health, I'd be scared too. :(

The scripture is in various places, depending on difficulty. The only ones I recall is on Normal, the scripture is at the very beginning of the mission, in the first building with the bot in one of the darkened rooms. On Expert, I think its in the Site 5 building, upstairs on a ledge, near the back way into the site.

Either way, unless you've KO'ed everyone along the way, or are feeling especially adventurous, I'd maybe consider reloading and earlier save of this mission(if you have one). Did you capture Cavador in route, or at Site 5 ? It's fun to play with this mission a bit, and capturing him at different sites.

This is one of the best Thief 2 OMs......a moving objective(Cavador) that can be checked off a multitude of ways and strategies. Good luck ! :)

Tin Star
21st Jul 2002, 00:57
If you are playing on normal you will find it upstairs in the room that has the locked door.On hard and expert I think it is in his room at site#5.:)

Tin Star

Clark W Griswald
21st Jul 2002, 01:34

I've knocked everyone out and Cavador is unconscious, and waiting for me at the exit. I found Cavador outside his room with 2 guards. In his room I found his diary but not the scripture. I'll take another look.

Tin Star
21st Jul 2002, 07:26
The diary may have been what was in his room,its been sometime since I have played.I just thought of another place it might be try sight#2 go in the back entrance and look on the ledge in there that might be where it is.

:) Tin Star