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20th Jul 2002, 04:29
I was reading a article in the August issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly about the PlayStation 2 E3 show and online details. Thought I would share with you what it said.

If there's one thing Sony ain't, it's modest.
"The console war is over," Sony CEA
President and COO Kaz Hirai proclaimed to the audience at a pre-E3 conference, before rattling off the numbers and statistics to prove it. What's been the key to their success? "With PS2, we pride ourselves on the diversity of titles that we offer to the
consumer," Hirai said. " There is something for everyone"
That much was obvious to anyone on the show floor. Despite a lack of big surprises, the sheer number of quality titles on the way for PS2 accross all genres was impressive: action games, sports games, mature games, kids games, mainstream games, hardcore games, online games...you name it.
Speaking of online, that's Sony's other big theme for this fall-get PS2 owners connected. Online demos of SOCOM and Madden Football looked good, but the real promise was only hinted at with this year's Final Fantasy XI, the mega popular Everyquest, and a teaser video of Resident Evil Online.

By the Numbers

200 Playstation's new retail price in dollars,as of May 14.

2004 the year Playstation exclusivity on the Grand theft Auto series expires.

16 number of players who can play together online in the game SOCOM.

0 cost per month to play PS2 games online.

This is so GREAT! We don't have to pay to play games online! I also can't wait for Final Fantasy XI and Resident Evil online.

20th Jul 2002, 16:14
Does it also mention that this "console war is over!" declaration was met with s******s from the audience...and total silence from others?
As the PS2 has been out longer than the other next gen consoles, no-one took these claims as seriously as the CEO intended, knowing it was all marketing hype.

Does it also mention that several of the 'exclusives' he talked about had already been announced as appearing on the other consoles at the same show already? Nintendo were visibly chuckling at this.

I wonder if this is the same guy who said 'PS2 online was free' to a room full of people, but when pressed about it later admitted that although Sony won't be charging, the game companies will?

Press conferences...gotta love 'em.

21st Jul 2002, 05:53
Awhile ago, to the embarrassment of Sony, the main Sony guy said "The United States has lost the economic war". Either the guy talking was poking fun of that or Sony is still just as arrogant.