View Full Version : Request: Turn off email notification when someone responds to a subscribed thread

20th Jul 2002, 03:03
I have email notification turned off (no) for threads that I've "participated in". I have a thread to which I subscribed which is for the FM ghosting reports. I don't want to have to do a search to find it, enlarge the number of days to show in the list so I can then scroll to find it, and I really don't want to have another link in my Favorites especially since the User CP lets me see the threads to which I am subscribed. By anytime someone posts in that subscribed thread, I get an email telling me about. No, I'll review its contents on my next login to the forum (via my User CP which will show the subscribed threads).

I don't know how to turn off this email notification when someone posts to a thread to which I have subscribed. Since the user doesn't have the option to change this behavior, is this a behavor the moderators or administrator can change? If not, I won't bother subscribing to threads anymore and just use a link to the thread to get there quickly.

Grey Mouser
23rd Jul 2002, 19:43
After cursory examination it does not look like there is a simple way in user or admin control panel to disable the email notification for subsribed threads...will research it Vanguard, and post back later.

Grey Mouser
25th Jul 2002, 23:25
hmm, near as I can tell the purpose of subscribing to a thread is that so you do get an email notification when someone posts to a thread to which you have subscribed.

Solution - natch - don't subscribe to threads unless you want an email notification.

26th Jul 2002, 01:16
Frickin rattin, son of a taffer, grumble grumble.

I was hoping this would make a handy way to keep quick links to my favorite threads, like the ghost FM threads and any archival threads. Guess not. Guess I'll have to continue using the URL as a Favorite.

Thanks for the assist.