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14th Nov 2012, 09:06
Running into issues? Then make sure to contact customer support (https://support.eu.square-enix.com/contact.php?id=2152&la=2).

There is a patch to remove censorship kane and lynch 2? ps3 ps3

29th Apr 2013, 17:24
Need help with my serial Kane & Lynch: Dog days. Since I mistakenly sent my email the serial K & L: Dead Men. Buy the game today along with other recent 3 games if you can activate on Steam. But this I can not activate it, and when I log in Square Enix informs me that the game is K & L: Dead Men. Thank you.

30th Apr 2013, 21:40
To reach the support site for the SQUARE ENIX GAME STORE/E-STORE, please visit www.findmyorder.com (http://www.findmyorder.com/) and log in.
If you require additional assistance with you order please contact Digital River directly via phone at 1-800-598-7450.

2nd May 2013, 19:32
I purchased both Kane & Lynch games during the sale on this website. The first code I got worked on steam. However when I downloaded Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, the steam window opened and told me to type in my code. I typed it several times and even copy and pasted what I receivedbut it kept saying invalid code. The code is not even the right format for Steam keys.

It won't let me play this game unless I put in a steam code, but I was not sent a valid one for the game. I contacted support on this website and received this response:
i.imgur.com/OXVevYM.jpg (http://i.imgur.com/OXVevYM.jpg)

So I called the number, gave my order info and they then told me to contact support at www.square-enix.com/na/support, the very first place I contacted support in. It seems a lot of people are having the same problem so I made a post here hoping I'd get more than the run around since a lot of people are getting answers either "contact Square-Enix support" or "call digital river". Since I did both, anyone care to explain why I can't play a game I paid for?

2nd May 2013, 20:12
Same thing happened with me. Bought both games, Code for the first one worked second one didn't. did the same thing as you and got the same response.

17th Nov 2013, 17:00
I purchased a hard copy of Kane and Lynch Dead Men and installed. There was no desktop icon created and when I clicked on the file to run it all that ran was NTI Media Maker. Will this game even run on Windows 7?

17th Nov 2013, 17:03
DO I need to install an update for this game? Is there one?

18th Nov 2013, 01:28
Am I going to be able to get help here or am I wasting my time?!?!?

30th Mar 2014, 11:53
This game is on Playstation Plus for a good price.

So I am interested in playing this game with my friend - so two purchases potentially here - but could someone advise me whether this game is still working online?

Reason I ask this is that I have in the past bought games which I thought may work online from the shops. I get home put he CD in and it does not working - tends to be generally anything ea sports games.

So just to be clear, I would be interested in purchasing this game from the sony entertainment network if the co op online campaign works and I would like someone to confirm if it does or doesnt work.

27th Jul 2014, 13:01
Do you think square enix will ever make a Kane and Lynch 3?

Kane and Lynch 2 was sub par but I think something really good could be done with it. The characters are interesting they could present a better story and improve game play specifically the combat. It is a lot but the premise and characters scream for a great game and the biggest problems, besides the handheld camera effects making the player sick, was everything was too short. Only a few weapons, very short and a minimalistic story mode. The multiplayer modes were some of the best but there were only six maps. Beef it up a bit and polish it like a person with OCD got a hold of the cheese grater and it'll shine. Oh and don't take out Lynch's psychotic episodes they would have been great for the game especially if you get to lay as him.

29th Oct 2014, 00:26
Could you please explain why "Kane and Lynch Collection" and "Eidos Anthology" are both geolocked in their ROW version with the "prohibitrunincountries" tag for Germany?

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is indexed List A not B like Sleeping Dogs and as a Publisher you really should know the difference between indexed list A, list B and "Beschlagnahmt" but I guess you don't care and did this on purpose!

And again a Quote from the USK for those of you who are interested!

Who thought of the idea of age rating for computer games?
This was a political decision enshrined within the German Children and Young Persons Protection Act (JuSchG) in 2003 and providing a legal basis for the labelling of games. The consequence is that games may not be sold or supplied to children and young persons or presented on screens. Is this censorship?No, publishers submit their titles voluntarily. There is no reason why a computer game should not appear without a rating symbol. Adults are also free to decide what games they play and have legal access to unrated games and to games which have been placed on the index of media deemed unsuitable for children and young persons. For this reason, there can be no question of censorship in this regard. Censorship is in any case prohibited pursuant to Article 5 of German Basic Law.


And another one from the Bundesprüfstelle (BPjM) itself (the ones who are resonsible for your games getting indexed). It is in german but your community manager GDArcan can translate it for you!

Welche Regeln gelten für indizierte Medien?
Wenn ein Medium auf dem Index steht
dürfen es nur noch Erwachsene bekommen.
Es soll damit verhindert werden,
dass Kinder und Jugendliche
mit jugend-gefährdenden Medien in Verbindung kommen.


It's sad you threating german PC customers like this based on your lack of knowledge about our laws...

5th Nov 2014, 19:26
I won't accept how Square-Enix is using the GEO-Lock for PC Players only because of Steam-based Games.
Please use a age verifying system (ID Card, Credit card check and so on) to allow the use of games which is absolutely legal in germany.

Original statement from Mediananstalt Hamburg (MA HSH):

Im Falle von indizierten Medien gelten in Deutschland Verbreitungsbeschränkungen u. a. auch im Internet. Gemäß Jugendmedienschutzstaatsvertrag (JMStV) dürfen in Deutschland keine indizierten Spiele der Liste A oder B (frei) zugänglich gemacht werden. Bei indizierten Spiele der Liste A muss der Anbieter sicher stellen, dass sie nur Erwachsenen zugänglich gemacht werden (§ 4 Abs. 2 Satz 1 Nr. 2 i. V. m. Satz 2 JMStV, http://www.kjm-online.de/telemedien/geschlossene-benutzergruppen.html). Für indizierte Spiele der Liste B (§ 4 Abs. 1 Satz 1 Nr. 11 JMStV (strafrechtlich relevant)) gilt im Internet ein absolutes Verbreitungsverbot.

15th Mar 2015, 13:11
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