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Sue in UK
19th Jul 2002, 20:10

You advised me the other day to download ad aware - and I did. Well I did a scan of the whole c drive today (took like forever LOL!) and it came up with some 150+ suspicious files - like gator, aureate, bonzi buddy, flyswat and cookies files - I was wondering do I just delete them all? I'm scared of wrecking the computer system as some of them are in system files and registry.

Thanx :)

Sue the Computer Illiterate One

19th Jul 2002, 20:32
You know what Sue, I donwloaded that the other day as well, but didn't find quite as many as that so I would be interested in what to do with them. I found some in my registry as well as my hard drive.


Sue in UK
19th Jul 2002, 20:42
I know, Jeffers. - I found some in registry - I'm just too scared to delete anything though ... I did something once years ago and ended up wiping my computer's memory :(

My computer connection was so slow this evening I thought it might be all the crap on it .

I think I should have posted this on nosgothic forum actually because that's where the original pop up topic came from - oh well!

19th Jul 2002, 20:45
Wow, that is certainly a lot =). What I would do is select them all, then do a backup (just click the Backup button and tell Ad-Aware where to store the file). Then have it wipe them out. Then reboot, and make sure everything works... if not, restore the backup (Same process, but in reverse).
A lot of those 150 are probably cookies, but if you have that many than I would suspect two things will result:

a) Internet Explorer will run much faster, and you'll have a lot less banner ads.

b) Some of the free/shareware installed on your PC will be broken. I would recommend finding alternatives where possible (e.g. using the password remembering feature of IE instead of Gator), and reinstalling only the broken apps that are absolutely necessary.

19th Jul 2002, 23:40
This new science fascinates me, Bedwyr. Tell me: is there a link where I can find this "Ad-Aware?"

20th Jul 2002, 00:42

=). I run it at least once a week.

Sue in UK
20th Jul 2002, 07:22
Thanks, BLinc :)
I shall be doing that updating later when I've got a bit of time to ***** the results - make sure it all works - then logging on when the majority of people are on-line - that will be the real test.

Will let you know how it goes :)


20th Jul 2002, 08:42
Thanks blinc! :D