View Full Version : Customer Service Story (Customer Failure is more like it)

13th Nov 2012, 21:05
So about two weeks ago I contacted Square Enix regarding the Banshee Witch Coliseum event. If you looked at their announcement, it stated that players ranking through B+ would get the Witch, which was exactly like the Pumpkin Titan event beforehand. On the rewards page of the Coliseum, however, the Witch only showed through A ranking.

I figured this was going to be a problem, especially since I sat pretty firmly in B+, but had no chance to get to an A thanks to the rampant cheating that has plagued this game. Needless to say, I didn't get the Witch, so I contacted Square to have them honor their announcement details.

My first email was met with a reply that stated the following (paraphrasing):

"We do not give out in game hints. Please check online for various websites that offer game related hints and tips."


So I called them instead, figuring that if I have to deal with stupidity, I'd rather deal with a person I can yell at. The guy I spoke to was actually nice, and apologized, saying he would move my issue along to the next level. He did, as I received an email a little over a week later stating, as expected:

"The Witch was given out through A ranking."

So I replied back, explaining the whole announcement thing again, and offered to send photos which I took beforehand of the annoucement details.

I received an email that said:

"We are sorry the announcement did not meet your expectations. We cherish your support and opinions."


So, looks like its back to phone calls tomorrow.