View Full Version : BO2 Controls

19th Jul 2002, 17:13
Hi ........ Been longtime since i played game . and I am goin' nuts ..... trying to set up controls ( even though I saved config file & saved game files from previous install) everything works except action key,to fight, activation worx. If I remember correctly that is activation / fight(attack) key ........ just trhought of some thing would win98 -------> XP make much difference on saved files ? I tried starting from scratch samething ..... no attack .... But does activate:confused: :confused: :confused:

19th Jul 2002, 17:15
those save-files should work without any problems.

19th Jul 2002, 20:13
The save - game files worked fine ...... setup.cfg( which is where i think control setting r) did not work ...... will i be able to edit ini file ? there isnt 1 ......... grrrrrrrrrr