View Full Version : Lara's home, TR:3

19th Jul 2002, 16:20
I use to have to get the race track key every time I was in Lara's home level on TR:3. But after I got it a few times, it automatically appears when I go in her house, and she lets me use it too! Does anyone know why?

20th Jul 2002, 03:17
I wpold'nt know the one i have i cant find the it might sound stuped but i cant.....lol..... I know where the gate is but not the key so i could'nt help u...... SORRY....:confused:

20th Jul 2002, 14:20
That's the way it originally is. Once you get the key to the race cource, your CD kind of remembers it automatically and you don't have to do it again. There's nothing wrong, so enjoy your raiding :)